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Mission and Vision


1. Mission

The mission of Thu Cuc Medical System(TCI) embodies in its brand name logo. First, TC is an abbreviation of Thu Cuc, inheriting from the previous brand recognition. I letter  is an abbreviation of International, representing the direction of development in the times to come.

The special feature of the logo of Thu Cuc Medical System is an orange circle lying inside letter C. This is considered as a point of convergence of mission, history and vision of the brand name. Specifically:

– Integrity: The circle of TCI logo is a closed ring, representing the integrity in the mission of TCI for people, like reiterating its commitment to the slogan” a life-long health care for you!”

– Historical factor: The circle containing a girl’s face of Thu Cuc is a common recognition in the journey of 24-year development as a core value to continue. This is a confirmation of the valuable foundation of the brand name with a long history development in the past two decades.

– Vision of the brand name: Factor of globalisation embodies in an orange circle through the round appearance of the globe. The green is converted into the orange, representing the internal strength, energy and desire to reach a new height in the international community. Embodying a medical brand is always ready to connect and apply the quintessence of medical science and practice in the world into the health care of Vietnamese.

Mission and Vision - new TCI

Picture of the address No.1 – Thu Cuc Medical System with a new brand recognition

TCI also created missions for caring for each subject.

– For patients: The benefits and health of patients serve as our guide on every business we are heading towards. The safety and quality in the examination and treatment are an important orientation for our development. The satisfaction and confidence of patients are our measure of success of Thu Cuc Medical System.

– For our staff: striving for a working environment of profession and humanity, giving employees the chance to take the initiative to develop their own opportunities

– For the healthcare branch, especially the private healthcare: The quality of medical service to attract customers is a golden key to the exploitation of the private healthcare market which has strongly developed in recent years.

– For the social community: raising the quality of examination and treatment, contributing to the development of the country’s medical science. Sharing the responsibility with the community through charitable healthcare and treatment for the disadvantaged people.

Mission and Vision - Caring

The benefits and health of patients are our guidance on every activity we are striving for

2. Vision

Established in the situation of the hospital system in Hanoi did not meet full requirements of quality examination and treatment. Thu Cuc Medical System, formerly Thu Cuc International General Hospital, wishes to share the burden in the illness treatment and healthcare of the community. In addition to easing the strain on public hospitals, Thu Cuc strives for a

diagnosis and treatment at international standard level with a team of good doctors from the country as well as abroad.

The objective of Thu Cuc International General Hospital is to become one of leading hospitals, a reliable address for people in the country. We focus on investing in modern medical equipment in combination with the knowledge of good doctors to provide people with the best examination and treatment, a safe and friendly medical environment.

The vision of Thu Cuc International General Hospital from its early activity was also seen in the selection and development of leading departments. First, departments meet the requirements of every person such as the outpatient department, diagnostic imaging department, laboratory department, inpatient department, obstetrics department, general surgery department. Second, the department treats complex diseases like the oncology department.

3. Inheritance and development to reach beyond

Currently, with the opening of new facilities, Thu Cuc Medical System is growing stronger and stronger. TCI continues to build the brand model “ a care-giver”. It always brings patients considerateness and sharing, giving them a sense of comfort. Simultaneously, it also emphasizes the model” a modern person”: that is a thinking towards modern methods of healthcare. The system often applies medical advances in the healthcare of the community.

The receipt of financial resources from the financial investment fund Vinacapital is one of the strategic steps of Thu Cuc to become a leading brand in the private medical market. Next time, Thu Cuc will open a chain of clinics and hospitals all over the country, providing people with  high quality medical service.

The expansion of clinics and hospitals of Thu Cuc to every residential area helps people easily access high quality medical service without travelling too far. Besides, investment in professional development, along with latest equipment and medical advances to detect and treat complex diseases in the world.

Moreover, the determination of TCI becomes a widely-recognized brand in the international medical community.

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