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Imaging diagnosis

The Department of imaging diagnosis plays an important role in diagnosing internal injuries. Through the obtained images, the doctor will have a basis to conclude the disease and give an effective regimen of treatment

The Department of imaging diagnosis at Thu Cuc Medical System focuses on examining and diagnosing lesions through CT-Scan images, X-rays and other interventional procedures. The state-of-the-art medical system and a top team of doctors have made many patients trust and give their long-term health here.

1. The most modern equipments

Technology and machines are an effective factor of support in early diagnosis and accurate identification of the disease. Therefore, Thu Cuc Medical System pays great attention to invest in upgrading technical facilities. Modern equipment compared to domestic hospitals is fully and synchronously equipped by Thu Cuc to bring the highest imaging diagnostic performance.

1.1 H2. Principle – Magnetic resonance imaging system

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine is used to scan the skull, neck, spine, musculoskeletal, mammary glands, abdomen and pelvis to detect lesions and pathologies. Thu Cuc TCI uses H2. Principle – magnetic resonance imaging technology to diagnose images by magnetic fields and radio waves. Hydrogen atoms inside the body will release RF energy during the magnetic resonance imaging. This energy is received by the system and arranges for a detailed image of the captured part.

Imaging diagnosis

Image of MRI machine at Thu Cuc

Advantages of MRI machines at Thu Cuc TCI include:

The obtained MRI image will be clear, dissect multi-section and has good anatomical details.

Clearly reconstructed images help doctors to detect all pathological lesions including cancer.

The high-end MRI machine at Thu Cuc TCI is non-invasive, does not use X-rays and has a particularly safe magnetic field, even for young children or pregnant women.

1.2 Multi-slice MSCT computerized tomography machine system

The MSCT machine is used to screen for cardiovascular diseases, detect cancer early, and diagnose diseases. CT scanners are also especially useful in following progression of disease after cancer surgery. Currently, Thu Cuc TCI is applying for the world’s leading advanced 64 – 128 rows MSCT machines.

Outstanding effects of MSCT 64 – 128 rows in Thu Cuc TCI:

Provide the best image quality with the high spatial resolution,

Observe the lesion from multiple angles by reproducing images in 3D space and many facets.

The ability of record at a fast speed takes moving organs such as blood vessels and the heart to help diagnose dangerous arterial diseases.

Limit the dose of X-rays, reduce the radiation for patients, doctors and technicians. Therefore, the MSCT 64 – 128 rows are safer and can be used for diagnosing in children.

Imaging diagnosis

MSCT computerized tomography machine is used to diagnose cancer, monitor after cancer surgery.

1.3 NBI 5P. gastroscopy endoscopic technology

Thu Cuc TCI applies for the most advanced NBI 5P technology. Narrow band light mode helps the doctor observe the detailed mucosal layer deeply. The ability of magnifying images up to 100 times helps doctors to detect even the smallest lesions. Through NBI 5P gastrointestinal endoscopy, all diseases such as ulcers, polyps, H. pylori bacterial infection, cancer are “brought to the light” from a very early stage. NBI 5P technology also helps doctors remove the precancerous tissues while endoscopy without any additional surgery.

In addition, gastroscopy at Thu Cuc TCI also has the following advantages:

The electric injection pump automatically measures the amount of the suitable anesthetic for the patient’s status, age, and gender. The patients fall into a smooth sleep, do not feel any pain and discomfort, and after 15 minutes the patients wake up and the endoscopy process is completed.

Ultra-clean endoscopy process: Disposable medical instruments – Separate personal items.

Imaging diagnosis

NBI 5P endoscopy enhances the value of the gastrointestinal diagnostic including cancer

1.4 Power Express – Automatic Robot Testing System

Robot testing system is applied for services such as: blood test, urine test, pleural test, cerebrospinal fluid test, etc. Thu Cuc TCI is one of the places equipped with the advanced system that is produced by Beckman Coulter, USA.

Advantages of Power Express compared to the traditional testing model:

Increase processing capacity of test samples up to 1200 samples per hour by eliminating manual operations. Patients do not need to wait for results so long.

Shorten time of analysis from 60 minutes to 27 minutes.

Limit errors, give accurate results maximum.

1.5 5D. Color Ultrasound

The 5D color ultrasound machine applies for ultrasound method with 3 dimensions of space, 1 dimension of time and 1 dimension of diagnosis. This is a device commonly used in obstetrics to help observe the face, hands, feet and activities of the fetus. Thereby, the doctor can detect birth defects to have timely plans of treatment. Besides, this ultrasound method is also indicated to measure the nuchal translucency, examine ovarian follicles and central nervous system.

Advantages of 5D color ultrasound technique at Thu Cuc TCI:

Ultrasound waves are not obstructed by bones, tissues or air masses.

Creating vivid, color images instead of black and white ultrasound images enhances the value of diagnosis. All thanks to the machine’s advanced transducers that can record cathode signals and the movement of parts on the screen.

1.6 Osteoporosis meter of whole body-based gold standard

Thu Cuc TCI is equipped with a high-end osteoporosis meter with two-dimension DEXXUM T, which has been recognized by WHO with an accuracy up to 98%. Advantages of osteoporosis meter at Thu Cuc TCI compared to many other models:

Get the fastest time of scan

The doctor will measure the osteoporosis by X-ray. The amount of X-ray is very small and does not have a negative effect on the patients.

Simple operation but gives the most accurate results of the osteoporosis meter.

Design: the height of the patient’s table is ideal for Vietnamese people

1.7 Digital X-ray System

Digital X-rays are used to diagnose lesions and diseases in many organs of the body. Modern machines at Thu Cuc TCI support the X-ray process to take place conveniently, safely and highly efficient.

Imaging diagnosis

Image of Digital X-ray machine

Benefits from the leading digital X-ray system at Thu Cuc TCI:

The image is less damaged, does not request strictly for dark room conditions and almost does not need to be re-photographed.

Surveys of many different tissues and organs can be performed on the same film

The doctor can zoom in and out, depending on the area of observation

Limit the impact of X-rays on the patient’s health

Especially at Thu Cuc, patients are equipped with clothes to wear while taking X-rays to ensure polite and delicate elements and still give the accurate results.

Besides, Thu Cuc Medical System has many other modern equipment to meet the needs of the medical examination and treatment.

2. The leading team of doctors

Imaging diagnosis has become a key department at Thu Cuc TCI and is trusted by many patients because of the team of highly qualified and ethical doctors. Patients are examined by highly qualified doctors with solid experience in applying for advanced equipment in diagnosing images. The doctor will make the accurate conclusion and the ideal plan of treatment to help the patient recover quickly.

Typical team of doctors:

Master. Doctor Nguyen Quang Hanh – Head of the Department of Imaging Diagnosis, after many years of working at the unit, Dr. Hanh has a good sense of observation, judgment of situations, and sensitivity to complicated cases.

Dr. Vu Quoc Dong – Doctor of Imaging Diagnosis with many years of working experience in major hospitals, Dr. Dong is loved by many patients.

Dr. Trinh Hoa Binh – Doctor of Imaging Diagnosis with more than 30 years of experience in the field, worked at a frontline hospital in the whole country.

Doctor Vu Dinh Sang – 2nd Degree Specialist – Doctor of General Ultrasound– Former Head of Department of Imaging Diagnosis at 198 Hospital, he is always considered the most dedicated and caring doctor in the department.

Doctor Hoang Van Tan – 1st Degree Specialist – Doctor of Imaging Diagnosis with more than 33 years of working experience at the Department of Imaging Diagnosis, Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital; used to hold the position of Deputy Department of Imaging Diagnosis at Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital.

3. Professional and caring medical service

Besides, when examining at the Department of Imaging Diagnosis at Thu Cuc International General Hospital, patients have the opportunity to enjoy care services with 5-star quality:

Book an appointment, quickly arrange seats, shorten the waiting time

The team of technicians is young, agile, and continuously trained.

The receptionists and nurses warmly welcomed and cared for like a family member

Results are returned immediately after the examination

The space of the hospital and clinic meets hotel standards: spacious, comfortable, clean to help patients recover quickly.

Commitment to standards on hygiene and sterility of medical equipment 

Applying for health insurance and many types of guaranteed insurances to help optimize the cost.

Email: contact@thucuchospital.vn

Hotline: 0936 388 288

Book an appointment: 1900 558892

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