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The eyes is a sensitive and vulnerable organ. Currently, eye diseases are more and more  and can be detected at any age. Although eye diseases have a little impact on life, they cause many inconveniences in daily life. Ophthalmology at Thu Cuc Health System TCI provides comprehensive eye’s care services with a wide variety of common eye diseases’  examination and treatment services as well as complex eye diseases that seriously affect the eyes.

1. Outstanding services of Ophthalmology

With the desire to help people have healthy, bright eyes to see a beautiful life, Ophthalmology at Thu Cuc Health System TCI provides a full range of eye diseases’  examination and treatment services.

1.1 Medical examination service

Examination is an important and necessary part when it is recommended Ophthalmology at Thu Cuc TCI. Here we provide a wide variety of common eye diseases’ examination services such as:

– Eyelid diseases: Cleft, stye, diffuse inflammation of the eyelids due to allergies or toxins from insects, blepharitis, droopy, entropy, simple eyelid trauma, etc.

– Pathology of lacrimal: Blockage of the lacrimal, narrowing of the lacrimal passage

– Conjunctival diseases: Conjunctivitis (caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies, …), lime stones, foreign bodies, …

– Corneal disease: Keratitis (caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, …), superficial foreign bodies of the cornea

– Dry eye disease

– Uvea disease

– Vitreous disease

– Glaucoma

– Vitreous – Retinal Diseases


Thu Cuc TCI provides a wide variety of eye diseases’ examination services

– Besides, we provide more in-depth eye examination packages which are suitable for different object groups. Thereby, it helps patients detect diseases early and have timely plans of treatment. Including:

–  Children’s eye examination package (5-16 years old): Bright and healthy eyes are a prerequisite for children to integrate well into the community and study well. Children’s eye examination package has a full of examination items to help early detection of common eye diseases in children such as strabismus (strabismus), amblyopia, refractive errors, congenital cataracts, retinoblastoma.

– Basic/advanced eye examination package for adults: For adult and elderly people, periodic eye examinations are like using warranty cards for eyes. Regular eye examination will help detect eye diseases early and maintain stable vision. Eye which is cared for regularly will work most effectively.

– Eye examination package for people with diabetes/blood pressure: Helps to detect early complications of diabetes, high blood pressure to the eyes such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular edema, non-proliferative retinopathy. Thereby it will reduce the risk of vision loss up to 95%.

– Pregnancy retinal eye examination package: Pregnant women with myopia who have a pre-history of high blood pressure, diabetes should be monitored from the first months of pregnancy to timely treat for retinal detachment during and after birth.

– Ortho K eye examination package: It is a great solution to help nearsighted people say goodbye to glasses without worrying about increasing myopia.

1.2 Imaging diagnosis

Ophthalmology’s Imaging diagnosis services at Thu Cuc TCI include:

– Eye ultrasound (A, B Ultrasound): Uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the inner eye structures, helping to evaluate the current medical diseases’ status in detail.

– Take pictures of non-fluorescent color fundus (no dilation required): Record a color image of the status of the eye’s inner surface. And then it will record the presence of disorders and follow their changes over time.

– Optical Coherence Tomography OCT (anterior tomography and posterior tomography,): Extremely effective in diagnosing and identifying retinal and optic pathologies.

1.3 Services of the refractive error 

Refractive error is a common eye disease and can affect anyone. Understanding this, Thu Cuc TCI offers specialized services for people with refractive errors such as:

– Measurement of eyesight

– Automatic refractometer

– Shadow pupil of the eye

– Glass correction – Single level glasses

– Control the progression of myopia: With methods such as glasses, Ortho K, Mytropin 0.01%/0.05%

– Branded glasses store: sell glasses of medicine and sharpen to fit eyeglass frames.


Refractive error is a common eye disease and can affect to anyone

1.4 Procedures

Some outstanding procedures are performed at Thu Cuc TCI ‘s Ophthalmology

– Squeeze eyelashes, pluck hairs

– Pumping to wash tears, tear ducts

– Remove calcification, remove conjunctival foreign body, prick/stretch/abscess

– Remove superficial corneal foreign body

– First aid for burns

– Emergency treatment, suture, tear of eyelid skin, conjunctiva

–  Measure intraocular pressure with Icare

– Check the bottom of the eye

– Check the front corner of the eye

1.5 Secondary surgery

For secondary surgery, we are very trusted by customers with types of surgery such as:

– Dream of eye surgery

– The eyelid margin rolls into the eye

1.6 Major surgery

With major surgery, Thu Cuc TCI performs two main types of surgery: Vitreous replacement surgery & Glocom surgery.

In which, vitreous replacement surgery is performed by Phaco method. This is an effective and modern method of treatment with many outstanding advantages:

– Quick surgery time (15 – 20 minutes)

– No pain, no bleeding

– Small incision, no stitches required

– No need to stay in the hospital, you can have the surgery and go home in the day.

– Immediately improve the vision

–  Safe, no complications

– Limit damages to the eye’s inner tissue


Phaco surgery is an effective treatment to restore clear eyes for cataract patients.

2. Strengths of Ophthalmology – Thu Cuc Health System TCI

2.1 The team of doctors are good, talented, and reputable ophthalmologists

Ophthalmology at Thu Cuc Medical System TCI gathers leading ophthalmologists from many major hospitals. With the goal of improving the quality of the examination and treatment, bringing optimal efficiency of the treatment to all customers, Thu Cuc TCI’s experts regularly update new technologies and treatments in ophthalmology through national and international training courses and seminars.

– The 2nd Degree Specialist – Doctor Nguyen Thi Xuan Loan (Deputy Department of Examination in charge of Ophthalmology):

With more than 30 years of experience in examining and treating eye diseases, she used to work in the Ophthalmology department of many large hospitals and held many important positions. For example: Doctor in charge of Ophthalmology – Hanoi Central Hospital of Transport; Ophthalmologists cooperate with many prestigious domestic clinics and hospitals.

With extensive knowledge, gentle and friendly personality, Dr. Nguyen Thi Xuan Loan is always devoted to her patients. Doctors examine, treat and advise detailedly on the best options, limit the use of antibiotics, and save costs for patients. Eye pathological procedures and surgery are performed very carefully and gently by her that make each patient feel comfortable.


Doctor Nguyen Thi Xuan Loan is loved by patients for her meticulous and gentle advice

– Master, Doctor – Nguyen Minh Hai:

Master, Doctor Nguyen Minh Hai, graduated in Ophthalmology from Hanoi Medical University. He used to work in the ophthalmology of prestigious Eye hospitals.

Master, Doctor Nguyen Minh Hai was granted a certificate: Imaging Diagnosis in Ophthalmology “Specialized in OCT in Ophthalmology” – National Eye Hospital, “Advanced Glaucoma Surgery” – National Eye Hospital.

In spite of being very young, Master/Doctor Nguyen Minh Hai always devotes himself to the patients. The doctor always advises very carefully, enthusiastically, “takes off” all worries and questions for the patients during the examination and treatment. Doctors always advise on the best method of the treatment for the patients. With dedication, enthusiasm, good professional knowledge and always listening to patients’ opinions. Master, Doctor Nguyen Minh Hai has been chosen and trusted by many patients and their family members when they examine and treat at Thu Cuc International General Clinic


Dr. Nguyen Minh Hai – specialist in examining and placing Ortho-K glasses

– The 2nd Degree Specialist – Doctor Tran Bich Dung:

The 2nd Degree Specialist – Doctor Tran Bich Dung graduated with a major in Ophthalmology and a major in Internal Medicine at Hanoi Medical University at the same time. Currently, she is working at the Department of Ophthalmology – Thu Cuc International General Hospital.

During his nearly 40-year career, Dr. Dung has held many important positions at major hospitals. For example: Head of Ophthalmology Department – Thanh Nhan Hospital; holding the position of director at a number of private eye hospitals,…

With extensive professional knowledge, doctors always consider the mind as a prerequisite factor when examining and treating for each patient. A thorough examination by the doctors helps to accurately detect eye diseases, thereby giving the most appropriate method of the treatment. Thanks to his dedication in work and high expertise, Dr. Dung has much love and trust from customers when coming to Thu Cuc TCI.

To effectively support doctors in accurately diagnosing and bringing maximum efficiency to customers in examination and treatment, Thu Cuc TCI Health System always focuses on equipping with the most modern and advanced medical and surgical devices and machines. As well as Ophthalmology, it also is invested with a system of the modern equipment such as: 

– Automatic refractometer (Japan): Helps to measure refractive errors automatically with a stable frequency.

– Retinal tomography machine (Japan): HD tracking function combined with the super sensitive imaging will produce retinal images with much higher resolution and contrast.

– Icare IC200 tonometer (Italy): The device can measure accurately and easily for patients in many sitting, lying, or semi-recumbent positions without anesthesia or preparation in advance. Measurement is very simple, and does not make the patients feel uncomfortable.

– Inami examination microscope (Japan): Integrate professional recording system with a high resolution. Wide lighting range and convenient light slit adjustment. Helps to capture pathological images quickly and accurately.

– Color fundus camera (Italy): Fully automatic 2 eyes imaging machine without the pupil dilation. Total time is short (below 40 seconds) and high resolution.

– Vupad A, B Ultrasound machine (USA): Helps the accurate ultrasound.

– Laser retinal photocoagulation (USA): Uses small wavelengths with a controlled process by digital units. Allows optimal treatment of some retinal diseases.

– Phaco surgical machine with the posterior vitrectomy (Switzerland): A device used in vitreous replacement surgery and vitrectomy with integrated and synchronous technologies. The machine helps to improve the efficiency of surgery, fully protecting the endothelium and vitreous capsule.

– Surgical microscope (Germany)

– Modern automatic corneal curvature refractometer with K degree has high sensitivity, large observation area to help detect refractive errors and measure the corneal curvature even with dense cataracts.


The system of modern imaging diagnosis machines at the Ophthalmology – Thu Cuc Health System TCI

Especially, when the patients perform the surgery at the Ophthalmology Department – Thu Cuc Health System TCI, they will use a modern one-way sterile operating room (the ventilation operating room with positive pressure) to ensure safely, smoothly, and absolutely sterile.

Besides, the Department of Ophthalmology – Thu Cuc Health System TCI is always leading the trend, applying for advanced technologies to maximize the results of examination and treatment, bringing bright and healthy eyes to thousands of patients.

2.2. Clean examination space, fully equipped hospital room

Besides the leading modern equipment, a clean, cool, and constantly disinfected medical environment to ensure the maximum safety for patients is also a “plus point” that is highly appreciated by many customers when they visit and treat at Thu Cuc Health System TCI’s Ophthalmology.

Especially at the base of 286 Thuy Khue street, there is also a boarding room for those who need to stay in the hospital. The system of hospital rooms includes a full range of facilities such as wardrobes, refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, etc. to help customers always feel comfortable like at home. With the bell system at the bed’s head, a team of doctors and nurses will be there to support as soon as you need.

2.3. High-class service – Dedicated care

Thu Cuc TCI ranked in the top 3 of private hospitals, top 5 of the whole hospitals with the leading quality score assessed by the Hanoi Department of Health.

Thu Cuc TCI invests not only in facilities, equipment, and human resources, but also high-class service is also one of Thu Cuc TCI’s strengths. Thu Cuc TCI always has the effort to give customers a good experience with perfect, dedicated and careful care service. At the reception areas, waiting areas, there are always staff on duty at many positions to promptly support and guide for customers.

We have many facilities located in central areas. When examining at Ophthalmology – Thu Cuc TCI Health System, customers are completely proactive in booking the examination appointment through the call center system. The dedication and responsibility of  a team of doctors and medical staff always make customers feel assured when examination and surgery even without relatives.

Beside that, when examining and treating at Thu Cuc TCI, customers are completely assured of the cost because Thu Cuc TCI applies for the medical insurance payment and guaranteed insurance in accordance with regulations.

3. Customer opinion


Customers are always dedicatedly guided and cared for when examining at Ophthalmology – Thu Cuc Health System TCI

Mr Le Thanh Long (70 years old – retired officer): I have registered for Phaco surgery at the hospital. Because my house is quite far from the hospital (in Bac Giang province), I was admitted to the hospital 1 day before the surgery and stayed in hospital for 1 day. From examination to the hospital admission procedure, I was guided dedicatedly and made me no longer feel confused or worried. Now that my eyes have recovered, it has been a long time since I have seen the faces of my children and grandchildren as well as everything around me so clearly.

Ms. Le Quyen (30 years old – designer): There are many quite good reviews of Thu Cuc TCI’s service from my friends. I myself feel very reassured when I experience the annual eye examination here. Thanks to the doctor’s thoughtful, thorough and meticulous advice, even with the intense exposure to the computer, my eyes do not increase myopia.

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