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The Neurology Department at Thu Cuc Medical System is a reliable examination place for treating nervous system diseases. The department gathers a team of highly-qualified doctors with modern equipment, helps examine and diagnose the illness promptly and effectively.

1. Scope of service

The Neurology Department at Thu Cuc Medical System examines and treats many neurologic diseases including:

– Headache: migraine, vascular headache, daily chronic headache

– Examining and treating depression pathogenesis

– Neck pain due to degenerative cervical spine disease, cervical disc herniation,…

– Low back pain caused by degenerative illness, hernia, pain due to pelvic arthritis,…

– Vestibular disorders

– Treatment of dizziness caused by cerebral ischemia

– Consultation and treatment of sleep disorders: acute or chronic insomnia

– Examination and treatment of facial nerve (7th cranial nerve) palsy: inflammation of the cranial nerves and other peripheral nerves such as carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder or elbow pain caused by sporting activity,…

– Hemiplegia caused by a cerebral infarction.

– Examination and treatment of dementia such as: mild cognitive impairment, dementia, vascular dementia(dementia after stroke), Alzheimer,…

– Examination and treatment of epilepsy in adults and children

– Movement disorders such as Parkinson disease,…

2. A team of good specialists: High qualification and experience

The Neurology Department – Thu Cuc Medical System gathers many leading doctors and specialists in the field of neurology:

– Ph.D. in medical science, Neurologist Nguyen Van Doanh: Head of Outpatient Department – Thu Cuc International General Hospital. He has been the Head of Neurology Department, Viet Xo Friendship Hospital(now called the Friendship Hospital). Doctor Doanh has had many years of working experience for examining and treating the mental illness, directly treating many complicated cases.

– Master, Doctor Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan: Graduated from the Faculty of Neurology – Vietnam Military Medical University. Master Nhan is very experienced in diagnosing and treating mental illness.

– First degree specialist Doctor Vu Hai Yen: Doctor Vu Hai Yen graduated with the title: First degree specialist Doctor – Neurologist – Hanoi Medical University. She is not only good at neurology but also at musculoskeletal systems and general internal medicine.

Neurology of TCI - Doctor Nguyen Van Doanh

Doctor Nguyen Van Doanh: Head of Outpatient Department – Thu Cuc International General Hospital

3. A system of modern equipment

The Neurology department – Thu Cuc Medical System has been equipped with many latest machines, supporting the prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment of illness such as: M.R.I machine, Multi slice MSCT, automated testing system Power Express, cerebral hemorrhage monitor, Electrocardiogram Machine (ECG),…

In addition, Thu Cuc Medical System also promotes its professional cooperation with leading research institutes and hospitals in the country to conduct a comprehensive test and diagnosis for the most accurate and safest results of patients.

Some pictures of machines and equipment at Thu Cuc TCI:

Neurology of TCI - Multislice computed tomography (MSCT)

Multislice computed tomography (MSCT)

Neurology of TCI Electrocardiogram(ECG)

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

4. Care mode

Thu Cuc Medical System not only has  modern facilities, but also has an optimal care mode:

– A team of nurses and employees will thoughtfully take care of you, bring you a feeling of going on a vacation when getting an examination there.

– Cooperating with many prestigious insurance agencies, a flexible application of health insurance payment and guarantee as regulated to ensure the best benefits for patients.

– Flexible working hours.

– Cases hospitalized will be cared for in a comfortable room. Patients do not have to prepare their necessities  because the hospital will provide them with all these.

– The hospital designs a menu appropriate with nutrient demand of patients, ensuring food safety and satisfying their tastes.

– Nurses will be on duty around the clock to support patients at any time.

5. Maximum support for foreign patients

For foreign patients, a team of experienced interpreters is always  ready to support them in the process of examination and treatment, finalizing medical records and documents, paying health insurance and guarantee…..

Foreign patients can schedule their own examination and surgery appointment through the call center in order not to wait for a long time.

In addition to reasonable expense, Thu Cuc Medical System collaborates with almost all insurance agencies in the market, supporting the payment of health insurance and guarantee with full benefits for foreigners.

6. Patient’s opinion

“I have experienced vestibular disorders for many years, the condition of dizziness, loss of balance usually recurs, affecting my daily life and work. So, when I went to Vietnam for work, I have decided to choose Thu Cuc Hospital for examination and treatment of my illness. I was thoughtfully supported. Thu Cuc has a prompt electronic payment system and a devoted service.

Alex (56, Nationality: Australian)


Address: 286 Thuy Khue street, Tay Ho district, Ha Noi

Email: contact@thucuchospital.vn

Scheduling an examination appointment: 1900 5588 92

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