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Department of General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery at Thu Cuc International General Hospital treats all surgical injuries and pathologies, including laparoscopic and open surgery methods.

1. One-way sterile operating room system

With the one-way sterile operating room system that is considered the most modern one in Vietnam, with the high-end endoscopes and other advanced equipment, especially the Department of General Surgery at Thu Cuc International General Hospital has a staff of good doctors and nurses, setting up a professional teamwork. Therefore, the Department of General Surgery is fully qualified to carry out all major surgeries with the high-end technology, specializing in performing the following services:

Gastroenterology: appendicitis (open surgery, laparoscopic surgery…); Removal of tumors in the colon and the rectum; Cut hemorrhoids by Longo method; Surgery for the inguinal and thigh hernia; Surgery to treat the intestinal obstruction

Urology: Laparoscopy to remove the stones and bladder stones; Retrograde the ureteral lithotripsy; Remove the kidney stones and open ureters; Reconstruction of the renal pelvis – ureter; Surgical treatment of the gallstones; Laparoscopic surgery for the prostate cancer; Laparoscopic surgery to remove the ureteral stones

Orthopedic Trauma: Osteoarthritis in clavicle fractures, humerus, and forearm; Laparoscopic surgery to shape the knee cruciate ligament, tear the cartilage of the foot; Arthroscopic capsule reconstruction in the recurrent shoulder dislocations; Tendon transfer to treat the paralysis of peripheral nerves such as the radial nerve; Remove means of the ossification….

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Hysterectomy (open surgery or laparoscopic surgery…); Emergency cesarean section due to bleeding the ectopic pregnancy; Laparoscopic surgery for the ectopic pregnancy; Surgery for removal of cysts, adnexal enlarged chambers…; Ovarian cyst surgery, fallopian tubes, fallopian tubes, polycystic ovary surgery; Uterine fibroid surgery

Oncology: Surgery for the soft tissue tumors, thyroid cysts, salivary gland tumors, fibroadenomas of the breast; Gastric bypass surgery; Rectal surgery; Colectomy surgery; Surgery to remove the benign tumors in the stomach; Breast cyst removal surgery.

Ear, Nose Throat: Tonsillectomy; Dredging V.A; Cut the vocal cords; Removal of polyps of the nose and the throat…

Department of General Surgery

    The Department of General Surgery is capable of performing all major surgeries with the high-end technology.

2. Modern and advanced medical equipment

The medical equipment at the Department of General Surgery, which is considered to be the most advanced ones in Vietnam today, ensures that the surgical process is safe, fast and convenient. With a system of 9 one-way sterile operating rooms is capable of the advanced sterilization and air filtration, fresh air is supplied for the operating room. Each operating room is equipped with soundproofing systems, operating lights, operating tables and the most advanced surgical support tools of the famous medical equipment manufacturers such as Drager – Fabius Plus (Germany) anesthesia machine with breathing apparatus. Karl Storz endoscope (Germany), Maquete (Germany) operating table with lamp system, 5-parameter patient monitor (USA), Two-tap hand wash basin with the sterilization light, 350W high-frequency electric knife, Abdominal CO2 air pump.

Department of General Surgery

The most modern one-way sterile operating room system.

During surgery, the dangerous diseases for patients are very susceptible to air pollution, so in the operating room environment, an absolutely sterile space is required. Therefore, the whole design follows a one-way sterile operating room system, that is 2 separate ways in and out of the operating room (one entrance and another exit). The oxygen dissection system with the oxygen system downstairs (one way sucking up and another pushing down), ensures fresh oxygen (clean air) and ensures clean bacteria in the operating room. Currently, there are only about 7 to 8 operating room systems in the country that can meet the one-way aseptic principle.

Criteria for operating room at Thu Cuc International General Hospital

– Absolutely safe for patients

– Convenience for the doctors and the surgical team

– Absolutely sterile and non-infectious

The Department of General Surgery at Thu Cuc International General Hospital gathers a staff of highly qualified and experienced doctors in surgery and treats a variety of musculoskeletal, abdominal, thyroid and digestive diseases, kidney – urology… trusted by many patients.

In addition, Thu Cuc Hospital also has the ability to invite the leading doctors from central hospitals such as Bach Mai Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital, Hanoi Heart Hospital, Hanoi Oncology Hospital… to participate in the examination. and treatment according to the wishes of the patients.

Department of General Surgery

Gathering many good, highly- specialized doctors with many years of experiences

With a staff of highly- qualified and experienced surgeons, and experienced anesthesiologists, technicians, and dedicated operating room nurses, the patients can be rest assured of the treatment at the Department of Surgery – Thu Cuc International General Hospital.

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