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Examination and treatment guidance at Thu Cuc International General Hospital

Being the general hospital to strive for an international standard, Thu Cuc Hospital always wishes to bring patients the best medical service in a professional manner. To make your medical consultation happen in a smooth and effective way, the hospital announces esteemed patients some information on the medical procedure as the following:

With high-quality service and reasonable cost, Thu Cuc Hospital is always the choice of many patients.

1. The procedure of examination and treatment

With assumption that the patient is the center, a factor decides the survival and development of the hospital; every service and activity at Thu Cuc work are targeted at the best healthcare and comfort for every patient. When visiting Thu Cuc, patients will be supported by a team of receptionists, interpreters, medical staff on receiving and providing guidance on the procedure of medical checkup as well as assistance, explanation and advice on related preferential treatment (health insurance, membership card,… etc)

At this place, patients are also consulted and distributed to the waiting room based on specific checkup requirements. Nurses will advise the procedure and take them to the appropriate function room for paraclinical examinations. At the lobby and reception desk, medical staff and receptionists are always ready to support patients immediately.

Priorities for patients:

  1. In a medical emergency.
  2. Children under 6 years old, severely disabled people, the elderly from 80 years old,  people with meritorious services to the revolution, women with pregnancy.
  3. People with an appointment (having confirmation paper).
  4. Other patients.

2. Some notes for patients before using paraclinical test service

Blood test is the most basic and important medical service in the detection and diagnosis of illness

2.1. For laboratory test service

a/ Hematology test

Hematology test is an important and routine one when a patient goes to any hospital for a medical checkup. Hematology test includes specific tests: complete blood count, blood type, quantitative hematology of fibrinogen. This is one of the most essential tests in detecting and diagnosing illness. Therefore, to ensure the best result, patients should not eat or drink sweetened drinks, milk, fruit juice, alcohol, tea and coffee within 12 hours before the test.

b/ Urine test

Urine test is also one of paraclinical diagnosis methods used for patients with hepatology-related pathology…Before having urine test, patient needs to clean the external genitalia, urinate a little, after that taking a mid-stream urine sample into a clean tube provided by the hospital and sending it to the laboratory.

c/ Pap smear

This is a specific test for women who have ever had sexual intercourse aiming to early detect cervical cancer and other gynecologic pathology. The test should be done on the fifth day after being free of menstruation. And it is not applicable for women with pregnancy and in the menstrual cycle or vaginal bleeding. For this test,  the patient will be examined and consulted by a gynecologist.

4D color ultrasound is one of the medical services highly appreciated at Thu Cuc.

2.2. For ultrasound

a/ For ultrasound of abdomen, bladder and other organs (uterus, appendage, prostate gland…): patient should not eat at least 4 hours before having ultrasound, drink much water and hold your pee for high-definition images of ultrasound.

b/ For ultrasound of gallbladder and pancreas: patient should not eat or drink water before ultrasound at least 4 hours.

The latest X-ray machine system at Thu Cuc hospital.

2.3. For X-ray machine and CT-scanner

This is a modern method of diagnostic imaging which gives fast results with high accuracy. To have the accurate imaging result, the patient should follow the instruction of the technician, not carrying jewellery and metal objects when having X-rays. Especially, patients with pregnancy or suspected pregnancy are not strictly allowed to use this method because X-rays can affect the health and development of the fetus.

Many diseases are accurately diagnosed with endoscopic methods.

2.4. For gastroscopy and colonoscopy

For endoscopy service, patients will be clinically examined before using the service to ensure the safety and effectiveness. To have the most accurate result, patients should not eat or drink water at least 6 hours before the procedure. Patients can choose between 2 types of endoscopy: endoscopy with anesthesia or endoscopy without anesthesia. After the procedure, the patient can have some symptoms: bloating or mild sore throat.

For each medical service at Thu Cuc, patients are thoughtfully supported by medical staff about the procedure and steps to be taken. Patients will be examined and consulted by leading specialist doctors along with modern medical equipment.

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