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The Dermatology at Thu Cuc International General Hospital is an ideal place for examination and treatment of skin diseases. With good doctors and modern medical equipment, the dermatology department will help patients get rid of skin diseases effectively.

1. Exceptional advantage of the Dermatology at Thu Cuc International General Hospital

1.1. Examination and treatment by a team of good and experienced doctors

With a team of good and experienced doctors, patients can be confident when having examination and treatment at the dermatology department at Thu Cuc International General Hospital.

– Doctor To Thi Truong Thanh: She has been in the examination and treatment of skin diseases for more than 20 years at big hospitals. Applying effective methods of treatment and avoiding recurrence, Doctor Thanh not only provides effective treatment of skin diseases but also helps patients maintain healthy skin with beauty.

– First degree specialist doctor Dinh Thi Hai: Doctor Hai has been working in the field of treating skin diseases for many years. Beside her expertise, she is quite enthusiastic in consulting and treating patients and trusted by them.


Patients are examined and treated with good dermatologists

Patient will be medically consulted and treated by good dermatologists

In addition, the dermatology department at Thu Cuc International General Hospital in particular and Thu Cuc Medical System in general, also gathers many experienced and good doctors in the dermatology field. They directly examine skin diseases, bringing patients a healthy skin and its beauty.

1.2. Modern facilities

To enhance the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, along with good doctors, Thu Cuc International General Hospital is also equipped with the latest medical equipment imported from Germany, Japan, the U.S.A, France,… At Thu Cuc, doctors can provide prompt and accurate pathology consultations such as Mycosis, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, test for allergy-causing antigens,… and order the best treatment method.


Modern medical equipment system used for diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases

1.3. A thoughtful service with 5-star standard

Along with concrete efforts to enhance the quality of examination and treatment, Thu Cuc always brings patients the best service, which makes them feel easy and comfortable in the procedure of their medical checkup.

– A thoughtful care which brings patients a sense of comfort.

– Making a prompt appointment with just one call or a message

– 7-day-a-week working hour


A thoughtful care and spacious facility bring a sense of comfort when having medical checkup and treatment.

2. Scope of medical examination and treatment

The dermatology department at Thu Cuc International General Hospital specializes in diagnosing and effectively treating many skin diseases including:

– Diagnosing and treating acne such as acne caused by endocrine and by cosmetic allergy

– Diagnosing and treating sexual transmitted diseases: Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Candida, Genital warts, Crab louse,…

– Consulting and treating Atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis,…

– Treating Dermatophytosis: Ringworm, Tetter, Onychomycosis, Scalp yeast,…

– Diagnosing and treating Shingles; allergies such as  Urticaria, drug allergy

– Diagnosing and treating Chickenpox, Impetigo, Scabies,…

3. Supporting foreign patients

For foreign patients, experienced interpreters are always ready to support them in the procedure of medical checkup, treatment, medical record documentation, health insurance payment.

Foreign patients can make an appointment for their medical checkup through the call center for not waiting a long time.

In terms of cost, Thu Cuc hospital cooperates with almost all insurance agencies in the market to facilitate the payment of health insurance for foreigners.

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