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As one of the leading and crucial units of Thu Cuc International General Hospital, The Laboratory is responsible for providing reliable and timely results in order to effectively supporting doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

1. Meeting ISO 15189:2012 standard

The Laboratory of Thu Cuc International General Hospital was awarded ISO 15189: 2012 certificate by the Bureau of Accreditation (Ministry of Science and Technology) on quality standards and capacity of medical laboratories.

To achieve this result, the Laboratory has built and developed the organization and personnel, especially well manage the modern equipment, technical process and information, etc.

The hospital also concentrates on setting up the process management system in addition to technical processes (machinery, equipment, etc.) to improve the quality of the laboratory and strictly control all three stages including before, during and after the test. Moreover, the hospital focuses on building a quality assurance and management system through internal and external inspection programs.

Thus, with the ISO 15189: 2012 standard, the Laboratory has shown good management capacity in terms of quality and technique and ensured test results to gain the patients’ great trust.

The Laboratory - ISO 15189: 2012 certificate for medical testing

ISO 15189: 2012 certificate for medical testing

2. Investing in automated testing system Power Express

Thu Cuc International General Hospital is constantly equipped with brand new and modern diagnostic and testing machines. In particular, the robotic automated testing system Power Express at the Laboratory is considered to be as modern as in Singapore and Japan.

The automated testing system Power Express is a high-speed automatic system that handles the functions of sample processing from the stage of pre-centrifugation, pre-sorting, delivery to centrifugation and lid opening, and sample loading in the system of biochemical and immunological connection, performing post-test operations such as capping and storage.

The Laboratory - Image of the automated testing system Power Express

Image of the automated testing system Power Express

This system is produced by Beckman Coulter in the US and supplied by Minh Tam company. Twelve of the top 17 hospitals in the US use this system in diagnosis. In Vietnam, Thu Cuc is one of the few medical facilities equipped with this system. The system has up to 04 transport rails in order to solve the risk of sample congestion, increasing the total number of tests in a day to tens of thousands.

Check out this video for more details:


The Laboratory - The robotic automated testing system can perform up to tens of thousands of tests per day

The robotic automated testing system can perform up to tens of thousands of tests per day

3. Sample processing capacity and speed

The automated testing system Power Express has the advantages as follows:

– The sample processing capacity is the largest in the world today (1,200 sample tubes/hour)

– Analysis time is reduced from 60 minutes to 27 minutes

– Sample processing speed is 3-4 times higher than previous systems

– Errors are minimized; manual operations and unnecessary steps are effectively eliminated in the test process thanks to the automatic operating mechanism.

– Results are returned accurately and quickly, greatly reducing the patients’ waiting time. Thanks to that, doctors make timely and effective diagnosis and treatment decisions for patients.

The processing capacity of Power Express Automatic Testing System is 1,200 sample tubes/hour

4. Testing capacity

With the specimens taken from other departments of the hospital for analysis such as blood, fluid, urine, feces, pleura, cerebrospinal, etc., the Laboratory will perform all kinds of tests with the fastest and most accurate process.

– Hematology: Complete blood count, blood type, blood clotting, etc.

– Biochemistry: blood sugar, blood fat, liver function, kidney function, thyroid function, uric acid, etc.

– Urine: 10-parameter urine, 24-hour urine, etc.

– Microbiology: fungus culture, bacteria culture, flu test, vaginal discharge, urethral examination, stool examination, measles test, IgG, IgM, etc.

– Immunity: HIV, hepatitis B, C, syphilis, early cancer diagnosis (CEA, PSA, AFP, CA125, CA199, CA724, SCC. CIFRA21-1, etc.)

– Biopsy, cytology.

The Laboratory of Thu Cuc International General Hospital offers a full range of testing services from basic to complex with the world’s largest testing capacity. This is the solution Thu Cuc applied to significantly reduce the time to return results, especially improve the quality and reliability of the test and provide doctors with accurate information to make diagnosis and prescribe highly effective treatment regimens for patients.

5. Professional and experienced team of doctors and technicians

The Department of Laboratory – Thu Cuc TCI Health System gathers good doctors and technicians, has a lot of practical experiences and is enthusiastic with work and attentive to patients.

6. Supporting foreign patients

At Thu Cuc International General Hospital, a team of experienced interpreters is always ready to kindly support foreign patients during the examination, treatment and completion of the procedures such as medical records and insurance payment guarantees. Foreign patients can schedule appointments and perform tests through the switchboard so that they do not have to wait long. Especially, in terms of costs, Thu Cuc International General Hospital associates with most of the insurance companies on the market, assisting foreign customers with insurance payment guarantees.



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