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Department of Nutrition

Nutrition is an important factor to the health of all of us. Even more important for children in the developing age, pregnant and breastfeeding women, patients after surgery or chronic diseases such as diabetes, hepatobiliary disease, cancer… It is the reason that the Department of Nutrition was established at Thu Cuc General Hospital, with the desire to advise and recover the nutrition for each person, towards sustainable and long-term health.

1. Nutrition examination services at Thu Cuc International General Hospital

1.1 Consultation and nutrition recovery for children

  It is undeniable that nutrition plays an extremely important role in the development of children. Each child’s IQ is related to the quality of the nutrition that he or she receives during the first months of life. Studies show that the cognitive and learning abilities of malnourished children are much worse than those of children who are well cared for with a balanced diet.

Department of Nutrition

Nutrition examination is very necessary for children, in order to make a nutritional regimen suitable for each stage of their development.

Not only in terms of intelligence, nutrition is also directly related to EQ. Children who are malnourished from a young age have a higher risk of autism, anxiety, and depression than the normal children.

Understanding the importance of nutrition for children, the Department of Nutrition at Thu Cuc Hospital was born to remove parents’ worries about anorexia, stunting, malnutrition or overweight, obese children. For each specific condition, through tests and diagnosis, the doctor will advise an appropriate nutritional regimen.

Signs that parents need to take their children to see a nutritionist

– Slow weight and height gain, the anorexia, stunted children

– Overweight and obese children

– Night sweats and sleep disturbances.

– Children with delayed teething, slow movement (slowly rolling, crawling, sitting, standing, walking)

– Children lose their hair.

– Children cry and struggle at night.

– Constipation and diarrhea in children

– Children are hyperactive and have poor concentration.

– Anemic children with blue skin, pale mucous membranes

– Children with hand pain, bone fatigue.

– Children with long-term digestive disorders (e.g. bowel movements many times a day, live feces, etc.)

1.2 Nutrition examination for adults and people with chronic diseases

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death in the world, firstly cardiovascular disease and then cancer, respiratory disease and diabetes.

Nutrition plays an important role in the treatment of chronic diseases. The reason is that nutrition affects the cause of disease, the body’s ability to react and protect itself. A good diet will provide all the necessary nutrients, help the body strengthen the immune system, fight against the chronic diseases, and make the patients be healthy enough for the treatment.

Adults who need to see a nutritionist:

– People with metabolic syndrome (overweight-obesity, dyslipidemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease…)

– Gout sufferers

– People who are suffering from the kidney disease

– People with the acute and chronic infectious diseases

– People with cancer, cancer patients are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy or after surgery

– People with digestive tract diseases: Hepatobiliary tract, peptic ulcer disease, colitis, etc.

– People with unintentional weight loss

– People who are thin and weak, or overweight or obese

– Diet counseling for patients before and after surgery

1.3 Examination, treatment and nutrition counseling for pregnant and breastfeeding women 

Department of Nutrition

Pregnant women, especially those with gestational diabetes, need a suitable nutritional regimen to control the disease to  have a healthy pregnancy

When the child is still a fetus, the child’s nutrition depends mainly on the mother’s nutrition. Nutrition from the mother will be carried through the blood, through the placenta and provided to the fetus. Good nutrition during the pregnancy plays an extremely important role, not only helping the mother to have enough health, enough resistance, have the strength to give the birth, quickly recover health, and at the same time help the baby to have good growth and healthy life. Similarly, for women who are breastfeeding, the mother’s nutrition needs to be enough to feed two bodies, it is the mother and baby, to help her have enough health, enough milk to feed her baby, and ensure optimally child development.

Which women need to go to see a nutritionist?

– Pregnant women during pregnancy

– Especially important for the pregnant women in the first 3 months, morning sickness, weakness

– Women with the gestational diabetes

– Breastfeeding women

2. Nutrition examination process at Thu Cuc International General Hospital

2.1 Step 1: Examination and Consultation

– The doctor examines and exploits the patients’ medical history, eating habits, history of food allergies, drugs …

– Patients measure height and weight to evaluate BMI with the body composition analyzer.

2.2 Step 2: Carry out the tests prescribed by the doctor

Department of Nutrition

Micronutrient testing helps to assess that the patient is lack of matters, from which the doctor will give the appropriate additional advice.

Tests may include:

– Hematology test: Complete blood count (12 indicators).

– Biochemical tests: sugar, liver and kidney function, blood fat, Albumin, Total protein, …

–  Micronutrient test: VTM D3; Serum retinol (pre-VTM A); Ferritin; serum iron; Transferrin; Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphate; Alkaline phosphatase; VTM C, K2, B1, B12, Folic,…)

2.3 Step 3: Read the results and advise on the nutritional regimen

Department of Nutrition

Mrs. Tran Thi Huan – Master, Doctor – has more than 30 years of experience in the field of Nutrition, directly examining patients.                                                      

From the combined results, the doctor will advise on the treatment direction and develop a nutritional regimen, build a suitable menu for each patient’s body. Along with nutrition, patients will be advised on doing exercises, which help to improve the health and the resistance, and help to absorb the nutrients better. Patients are scheduled to re-examine and re-evaluate and then have a plan to adjust their nutrition suitably.

3. Advantages of nutritional examination at Thu Cuc International General Hospital

Department of Nutrition

Tanita body composition analyzer – modern Japan.

– The Department of Nutrition – Thu Cuc International General Hospital gathers a staff of doctors and nutritionists with more than 30 years of direct experience in nutritional examination and counseling. In which, Mrs. Tran Thi Huan, Master, Specialist doctor 1, has many years of working at the National Institute of Nutrition.

– In addition, the hospital invests in a system of modern and advanced equipment to serve the examination with high results such as: Automatic robot testing system, Tanita body composition analyzer – Japan, DEXUMT osteoporosis meter – Korea…

– Thu Cuc International General Hospital ranked the 3rd top in the private hospitals with the best quality scores in Hanoi by the Department of Health.

– Attentive and dedicated customer service

– Payment of insurance according to the regulations.

With those advantages of Thu Cuc International General Hospital, along with the dedication of a staff of doctors, nurses, thousands of customers, from children – pregnant women – patients… have the positive progress, better health recovery thanks to the suitable nutrition regimen.

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