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Thu Cuc General Clinic – 32 Dai Tu

Officially put into operation since March 2021, TCI at 32 Dai Tu under the management of Thu Cuc Medical System TCI, has become a reliable healthcare destination for people and marked the development and brand expansion of TCI into the new height.

1. Prime location to the South of Hanoi

The Clinic 32 Dai Tu is located at the Southern gate of the Capital, adjacent to densely populated areas and easily accessed by both urban and interprovincial transport.
With the advantage of ideal medical examination space and synchronized facilities, TCI 32 Dai Tu has increasingly confirmed the position in the activity of community healthcare.
Daily estimated, the clinic receives thousands of individuals and corporate customers coming for medical examination and health service.

Thu Cuc General Clinic TCI 32 Dai Tu

Exterior image of the clinic 32 Dai Tu

Thu Cuc General Clinic TCI 32 Dai Tu

TCI 32 Dai Tu owns its exceptional strength in term of space and facilities

The clinic 32 Dai Tu, an ideal space with an area of about 7000 square meters, heads for the model of hospital-hotel, bringing customers comfort and a sense of ease and relieving their anxiety during medical examination.
This location gathers a group of qualified and experienced specialist doctors with medical ethics. In addition, hundreds of nurses, technicians and receptionists provide patients with considerate care as a family.

Thu Cuc General Clinic TCI 32 Dai Tu

The quality of service is given a top priority at TCI 32 Dai Tu

2. Outstanding services at the clinic 32 Dai Tu

The TCI clinic 32 Dai Tu has almost specialties such as: general examination department, surgery department (minor surgery), obstetrics and pediatrics, E.N.T, odonto-stomatology, gastroenterology, cardiology, dermatology and cancer screening test.
The department of general examination: Including professor’s consulting rooms, general internal medicine, endocrinopathy, cardiovascular diseases, hepatology, ENT and dermatology.
The department of laboratory: System of automated laboratory is ISO 15189:2012 certified and safe for junior students. It performs tests: hematology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, biopsy, cytology and others.

Thu Cuc General Clinic TCI 32 Dai Tu

System of automated Power Express equivalent to that of Singapore and Japan

The department of diagnostic imaging: Investing into the system of modern and synchronized medical equipment from well-known suppliers in the world, including MRI, multi-sequence CT scanner, multi-sequential ultrasound, bone densitometry, multi-position X-ray, rheoencephalograph, electrodiagram and other modern equipment.

Thu Cuc General Clinic TCI 32 Dai Tu

Medical equipment system 100% imported from overseas countries.

The department of functional exploration and endoscopy: Using the technology of modern gastrointestinal endoscopy NBI 5P which is painless. It not only helps doctor easily observe a high-definition image of mucosa by using narrow band imaging. The technology of NBI 5P endoscopy can magnify image one hundredfold with the most advanced dual focus, allowing scope to access site of potential injury at the distance of 2 to 6mm.
Thereby, it helps diagnose and early detect symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases, among them are gastrointestinal cancers.
The department of obstetrics and gynaecology: Including fetal examination and ultrasound, gynecologic disease examination. In addition, the clinic also provides early detection of gynecologic cancers service such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and ectopic pregnancy.

The department of pediatrics: Meeting all demand for medical examination of all ages from infants to children under 16 years old.

Thu Cuc General Clinic TCI 32 Dai Tu

The department of pediatrics is equipped with a system of modern equipment for the best examination results.

The department of surgery – minor surgery: The clinic 32 Dai Tu supports simple minor surgery for medical safety. Cases of major surgery will be transferred to the clinic 286 Thuy Khue for intervention and treatment.
The department of Odonto-stomatology: Providing diverse service: treatment of dental pathologies, cosmetic dentistry and periodical packages of dental care to meet all customer’s needs.
The department of E.N.T: Examining and treating usual pathologies of E.N.T. Modern equipment synchronized and invested: the new generation plasma knife cuts tonsils with function of concealing blood vessels without bleeding.
Modern system of functional endoscopic sinus surgery from Karl Storz (Germany)- the leading manufacturer of functional endoscopic sinus surgery equipment in the world. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery equipment CCU 900 is connected to the screen, ear scope, endoscopic tympanoplasty, coblation tonsillectomy
The department of infection control: Closely collaborating with other related clinics and departments to set up and manage the system of inspection, detection, notification and evaluation of hospital’s infection in patients and health workers. Establishing regulations and process of controlling hospital’s infection.

Thu Cuc General Clinic TCI 32 Dai Tu

Following strict medical declaration rules

With experience and diversity in specialties, the clinic 32 Dai Tu can conduct periodical health check for big companies and offices with capacity of about 1000 individuals a day.
Costs for medical examination and treatment at this clinic is applied similarly to the whole system, affordable to majority of people and publicly listed at the clinic as regulated by the Ministry of Health.

3. Modern medical equipment

The clinic 32 Dai Tu is equipped with modern medical equipment, supporting the process of medical examination and treatment, ensuring prompt and accurate diagnosis.

3.1. MRI

MRI, using radio wave and magnetic field, operates in the principle of H2, not using X-ray, safe for patients regardless of the elderly, children or pregnant women.
MRI can be applied in many parts of human body such as head(brain), spinal column, musculoskeletal system, breast, abdomen, helping screen many pathological conditions of many different organs such as brain, brain’s blood vessels, heart, liver and gall.

Thu Cuc General Clinic TCI 32 Dai Tu

System of MRI H2

3.2. Multi Slice CT

Multi slice CT helps early detect pathologies: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, providing accurate diagnosis of illness and evaluating prognosis and development of pathology, especially after cancer surgery and treatment. This is a modern CT system which can expand clinical diagnosis area such as heart, lung, injuries and diagnosis for children.

3.3. Automated testing robot system

Automated Power Express system placed at the clinic 32 Dai Tu helps conduct general tests in order to detect basic pathological conditions: diabetes, hyperlipidemia, anemia, elevated liver enzymes, high uric acid level, renal failure and even more complex pathological conditions such as: blood concentration, thrombocytopenia, immunodeficiency, hepatitis and infection.

3.4. The technology of gastrointestinal endoscopy NBI 5P

The technology of endoscopy NBI 5P uses narrow band light, along with capacity of magnifying image up to one hundredfold. It will help raise diagnosis value, not miss any symptom of illness.
With NBI 5P, doctors can detect every pathological condition in gastrointestinal track: stomach ulcers, polyp, HP bacteria, cancer and remove dysplasia while endoscopy for the prevention of cancer.

Thu Cuc General Clinic TCI 32 Dai Tu

The technology of advanced NBI 5P helps mark gastrointestinal cancer in its early stage

Along with the expansion in size and facilities, TCI 32 Dai Tu is increasingly gaining customer’s confidence because of its thoughtful service. Based on actual evaluation, the percentage of customers feeling satisfied when getting medical examination and treatment at TCI 32 Dai Tu has reached 99,9% and promised to bring high quality medical service to people throughout the country.

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