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The examination package for detecting varicocele – advanced one

Recent studies have shown that varicocele accounts for about 10% to 15% of male after puberty. The examination package for detecting varicocele – advanced one at Thu Cuc Medical System TCI is the first choice in detecting and diagnosing this status with support of modern medical equipment. Examination results are the key to help doctors work out the best treatment plan.

 1. The overview of examination package

Varicocele is the status of spermatogenesis plexus, an internal spermatic vein. The disease impairs testicular function, even causes infertility (40 % of male infertility has connection to varicocele). The disease may not show obvious symptoms at its early stage. Therefore, regular health checkup is essential to early detect the condition and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

The examination package for detecting varicocele – advanced one includes examination items designed by a team of experts in the field of urology and andrology at Thu Cuc Medical System TCI. The package has examination items like the basic one, helping detect and assess the varicocele condition. 

In addition, the advanced examination package added some test items, which helps assess the endocrine status affecting the reproductive health of patients. The package also has 4D color ultrasound, diagnosing abdominal organs, such as liver, kidney, spleen, and pancreas. 

2. The detail of examination items and package charge

The full detail of examination items and examination package charge, customer can refer to the following table:

The examination package for detecting varicocele – advanced one

(Applied at 286 Thuy Khue – 216 Tran Duy Hung – 136 Nguyen Trai)




I. Clinical examination


Surgical examination (andrological examination)Diagnose and assess the degree of varicocele




Complete blood count (performed by laser counter) {24TS}Detect anemia and blood diseases


Quantification of CRPAssess the inflammatory index


Quantification of Testosterone {blood}Assess the endocrine status which affects the reproductive health of patient


Quantification of LH (Luteinizing hormone} {blood}


Quantification of FSH (Follicular stimulating hormone} {blood}


Quantification of Estradiol {blood}


Quantification of Prolactin {blood}


Semen analysisAssess the function of bollocks and abnormal cells


Diagnostic imaging


Doppler ultrasound of bollocks, and bilateral epididymis (testicular veins)Assess the status of bollocks (size, abnormal pathology of bollocks {testicle tumor, hydrocele, varicocele, and orchitis})


Abdominal ultrasound (general-color 4D-male)Detect some diseases in abdominal organs (liver, kidney, spleen, and pancreas)

Total package charge: 3,550,000 VND

The detail of examination items in detecting varicocele – advanced one

3. Notes for having an examination

– You should prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for your examination, be ready to share your information of health problems with doctors, avoid your shyness and fear that can interfere with diagnostic results.

– For the most accurate tests and diagnostic imaging results, patient should not have a meal and avoid sexual intercourse (including masturbation) before the time of examination.

– Prepare for financial needs and documents, such as ID/CCCD, insurance, health logbook (if available).

Notes: the above-mentioned information is for reference only. Patients should contact the call center 1900558892 for more detailed information.

4. Advantages gained when choosing the examination package at Thu Cuc Medical System

– Patient has a direct medical examination by a team of experienced urologists and andrologists.

– Modern medical equipment ensures the quality of diagnosis and treatment: latest doppler ultrasound, a system of Robot Power Express test laboratory with capacity of fast sample processing speed and bringing an accurate diagnosis.

– Take care of patients considerately like a relative’s care.

– Professional appointment making service.

– Health insurance payment helps optimize cost.

For detailed information as well as enquiries of the package, please contact the call center 1900558892 for support and fastest answer.


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