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The examination package for detecting orchitis – basic one

Thu Cuc Medical System TCI has launched an examination package for detecting orchitis – basic one includes a variety of clinical examination items, tests, and diagnostic imaging. The package helps male timely detect orchitis (if available). Whereby, doctor will order a suitable treatment to bring an effective treatment result.

1. The overview of the package

Ballocks is a part of male productive system, playing an important role in producing sperm, and simultaneously being an endocrine gland releasing testosterone. Orchitis is commonly caused by bacteria or virus. If not timely detected and treated, it will cause a chronic orchitis, affecting the productive health.

Examination and detection of orchitis (if available) for timely treatment is the best way to help male protect their healthy ballocks.

2. The detail of examination items and package charge

The detail of examination items and package charge, customer refers to the following image:

The examination package for detecting orchitis – basic one

(Applied at 286 Thuy Khue – 216 Tran Duy Hung)




I. Clinical examination
1Surgical examination (andrological examination)Diagnose and identify the degree of orchitis, diagnose and differentiate it from testicular torsion
1Complete blood count (performed by laser counter) {24TS}Detect anemia and some blood diseases 
2Quantification of CRPAssess the inflammatory index
3Urinalysis (auto machine – 10 parameters)Detect some diseases in the kidney and urinary system
4Urine sediment cytology test (manual method)
5Semen analysisAssess the function of ballocks and abnormal cells
IIIDiagnostic imaging
1Doppler ultrasound of ballocks, epididymis-bilateral) (testicular vein)Assess the status of ballocks (size, abnormal pathology of ballocks) {testicle tumor, hydroceles, varicocele, and orchitis)

Total package charge: 1.886.000

3. Advantages gained when choosing the examination package at Thu Cuc Medical System

– Patient has a direct medical examination by a team of experienced urologists and andrologists.

– Modern medical equipment helps optimize the diagnosis and treatment effectiveness: 4D color ultrasound, and digital X-ray with high safety level.

– Effective treatment regimen for each case, doctor closely monitors and being ready to support patient.

– Professional appointment making service.

– A team of health workers and receptionists are ready to support customer in the process of examination.

Every detailed information as well as enquiries of the package, please contact the call center 1900558892 for support and fastest answers.


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