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Officially established in 2011, after nearly one decade of operation, Thu Cuc International General Hospital, now called Thu Cuc Medical System, has been a trustworthy medical address for many patients and ranked in the Top 3 out of private hospitals and Top 5 out of leading quality hospitals in Hanoi.

In the time to come, Thu Cuc Medical System will open a chain of medical clinics throughout the country, bringing high-quality and affordable medical service to people in the country. This target is strongly supported by a capital investment of 26.7 million USD from a prestigious investment fund Vinacapital in August, 2020.

Introduction of Thu Cuc Medical System

Thu Cuc Medical System gathers a team of professional medical staff and is highly appreciated in the quality of examination and treatment

For the past few years, Thu Cuc Medical System has made its name in terms of examination and treatment service, with modern facilities and medical equipment, along with the professional and ethical doctors. The quality of examination and treatment is always upheld at Thu Cuc and highly appreciated by the Hanoi department of healthcare and patients.

Thu Cuc is not only listed among leading hospitals of highest point rankings with 83 stringent criteria by  the Hanoi department of healthcare, but also considered as “an extension arm” of national hospitals, with a mission bringing a reliable medical service to people, making a contribution to easing the strain on public health.

1. Right direction since its establishment

Since its early operation, Thu Cuc International General Hospital has been a pioneer in international cooperation with well-known hospitals in the countries with a developed medical science. With a strategy of moving from a widely-recognised brand of plastic surgery to a medical one, Thu Cuc has invested in the field of examination and treatment in a professional manner and focused on the forefront of development – difficult disease treatment with foreign cooperation.

For oncology, in 2014, Thu Cuc has successfully cooperated with a Singaporean partner and established the Singapore oncology center, applied medical advances in the treatment of cancer from Singapore to Vietnam, simultaneously brought well-known professors, Ph.D in medicine in Singapore to Vietnam to directly examine and treat diseases at Thu Cuc hospital. 

Therefore, Thu Cuc has made its name and a new turning point in the field of medical examination and treatment. Thanks to Singapore-based treatment regimen and extensive care at Thu Cuc International General Hospital, thousands of patients have saved their lives without going abroad to get their treatment.

Thu Cuc Medical System - Singapore Cancer Centre

Thu Cuc has successfully cooperated with Singapore, established the Singapore oncology center, applied medical advances in the treatment of cancer from Singapore to Vietnam

2. Strong development to build momentum in making remarkable development progress 

Its impressive transformation has resulted in strong development in the following years, Thu Cuc International General Hospital immediately began the second phase of expanding the hospital’s business activities. At this time, Thu Cuc brand was separated into two main independent businesses: examination and disease treatment and plastic surgery. Thu Cuc Medical Joint Stock Company includes the general hospital and clinic (now called TCI). Thu Cuc Plastic Surgery Company is independently separated from TCI, including plastic surgery hospitals and clinics, high-tech dermatology clinics. Thu Cuc’s objective is to make examination and disease treatment develop stronger, bringing more benefits to patients.

In 2019, Thu Cuc International General Hospital at 286 Thuy Khue street was expanded to a three-time scale, along with the opening of Thu Cuc International General Clinic at 216 Tran Duy Hung in 2019. Until August, 2020, after 2 years of negotiation, Vinacapital fund officially invested in Thu Cuc Medical System, not including plastic surgery field. This is a strategic step to become a leading brand in the private medical field.  

Thu Cuc International General Hospital - One of the largest hospitals in Hanoi

Currently, Thu Cuc International General Hospital is one of private hospitals attracting the largest number of patients in Hanoi

3. Leading specialities

To have gained such a remarkable achievement, the quality of examination and treatment and medical care service made the most significant contribution. Thu Cuc operates under the model of general hospital, with qualified doctors and specialization of examination and treatment like internal medicine and general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, otolaryngology, odonto stomatology, along with clinical services: gastrointestinal endoscopy, screening tests. Thu Cuc has made a breakthrough in the application of technology and medical equipment in the procedure of examination and treatment for patients. In addition to oncology, leading examination and treatment service at Thu Cuc is obstetrics, general surgery, diagnostic imaging and hepatology.

For obstetrics, emotional factors in the process of birthing help pregnant women have the best experience, which is imported from foreign countries and perfectly applied here. Using the all-inclusive maternity package at Thu Cuc, parents have chosen a journey of happiness and  peace to welcome their “little angel”.

Thu Cuc International General Hospital - Maternity package

All-inclusive maternity package at Thu Cuc brings mother a healthy gestation and happiness to welcome her beloved child.

For general surgery, this is also an advantage of Thu Cuc Medical System proven through the success of complicated surgery in the field of abdominal and digestive surgery, orthopaedics, musculoskeletal system, nephro-urology, oncology,… The development of general surgery holds a significance, gaining patient’s confidence in Thu Cuc Medical System. At this place, any health problems are completely diagnosed by a team of internal medicine and surgery doctors to find out the best treatment method.  

Thu Cuc International General Hospital - The Department of General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery applies modern surgical technologies with less-invasion and painless, ensuring effectiveness and safety for patients.

Hepatology is another breakthrough made by Thu Cuc with the success of creating antibodies to completely treat chronic Hepatitis B for many patients. Specific treatment regimen in combination with modern methods, Thu Cuc hospital has regained health, even lives for many patients with severe health conditions.

Thu Cuc International General Hospital - Hepatology

Preeminent treatment regimen of Hepatitis B, along with a thoughtful support from leading experts at Thu Cuc hospital.

Tests and diagnostic imaging are one of the service sectors which have made considerable progress in recent years, especially painless gastrointestinal endoscopy NBI-5P is widely used among people. Thu Cuc has invested in the leading equipment such as MRI, MSCT, automated robotic testing system which is now being  used at 12 leading hospitals in the U.S.

Thu Cuc International General Hospital - Gastrointestinal endoscopy NBI-5P

Gastrointestinal endoscopy NBI-5P with the capacity of magnifying image 100 times, early detecting cancer and gastrointestinal diseases

4. Patient care – The strength of Thu Cuc

At Thu Cuc Medical System, care is always the strength highly appreciated by patients. Here, patients can schedule their examination appointment as expected and be wholeheartedly received in the procedure of examination and treatment. They will be supported with any requirement and get post-examination care through the call center.

The gentleness of the staff always brings patients a sense of comfort. “Examination and treatment with the hearts – Communication with the smiles” is the motto of every service by Thu Cuc. With a friendly and considerate style, the procedure of examination and treatment of patients will become a real convalescence.

Thu Cuc International General Hospital - Patient care

Like-relative care helps patients make a prompt recovery and always feel comfortable, relieving all worries about illness

Examination and treatment cost is affordable to many people and publicly listed at the hospital as regulated by the Ministry of Health. The hospital accepts the payment of health insurance as the State regulations and almost all types of insurance and guarantee accepted.

With proud achievements, Thu Cuc Medical System is expected to become a leader in the private medical sector in Vietnam. In the coming time, Thu Cuc Medical System will adjust its recognition of brand name to better suit the development strategy in the coming time. Accordingly, the name in English will be changed to TCI Hospital (Thu Cuc International Hospital), The name in Vietnamese is still preserved “Thu Cuc International General Hospital and Thu Cuc International General Clinic”. The brand logo is modified in the direction of internationalization, realizing vision and brand mission in the next stage.

Detailed information of recognizing the brand name of Thu Cuc Medical System after its modification:


Thu Cuc Medical System constantly develops in both wide and deep scale, becoming a leader in the field of private medical sector.

– Address No.1: Thu Cuc International General Hospital – 286 Thuy Khue street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

– Address No.2: Thu Cuc International General Clinic – 216 Tran Duy Hung street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi

– Address No.3: Thu Cuc General Clinic – 32 Dai Tu street, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi

Email: contact@thucuchospital.vn

Hotline: 0936 388 288

Schedule an appointment: 1900 55 88 92

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