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Tonsillectomy in Children

Six-year-old Sai Hoang Khoi Minh was diagnosed with grade 3-4 tonsillitis. The baby had suffered ongoing inflammation and disrupted breathing during sleep (obstructive sleep apnea) as a complication of chronic tonsillitis over the year. Khoi Minh’s family had decided to proceed with a tonsillectomy for him with the TCI doctors using Plasma Plus – the leading technique used for removing tonsils in the United States. 

With a team of professional and caring ENT doctors, Khoi Minh was very comfortable during the surgical procedure. The baby only felt a little post-surgery pain, and the recovery was easy, said his mother. 

TCI Hospital has chosen the most useful and safest device in tonsillectomy – a Plasma knife. Plasma scalpel for each client, ensuring safety and avoiding the risks of infection in the operating room. Studies also have shown that a low-temperature plasma knife has significant benefits for the recovery of patients with chronic tonsillitis, which can alleviate the pain response of patients without increasing the incidence of adverse reactions. With this clinical procedure, the patient will have less bleeding and pain after the surgery and possibly be discharged within the day.

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