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The examination package for female to detect gynecologic diseases

According to statistics, more than 90% of Vietnamese women have ever contracted gynecologic diseases. Common pathological conditions, such as vaginitis, cervical ectropion, cervicitis, etc. If not intervened and treated immediately, they will cause dangerous complications, affecting the mother’s reproductive health. Therefore, routine screening and gynecologic examination are essential activities.

1. What you should know about gynecologic pathologies

1.1. Definition of gynecologic pathology 

Gynecologic pathology is a general terminology referring to diseases of female reproductive organs, including vulva, vagina, cervix, and oviduct.

Human parts that can be observed and examined externally: vulva (big pussy lips and small pussy lips). Human parts that need to use medical instruments and ultrasound to examine and diagnose them: vagina, cervix, uterus, and oviduct.

Contracting a gynecologic disease is a very sensitive issue for females. In many cases, this disease affects health and daily life activity.

Therefore, we should not underestimate it, but instead, routine examination should be performed for a timely treatment plan if acquiring it.

The examination package for female to detect gynecologic diseases

Majority of Vietnamese women have ever contracted gynecologic disease

1.2. What age group is it easy to contract a gynecologic disease?

According to researchers, 90% of Vietnamese women have ever contracted gynecologic diseases. This rate is distributed across the age ranges, from puberty till the time of perimenopause.

1.3. Symptoms when contracting gynecologic diseases

Symptoms when contracting gynecologic diseases are as follows:

– Vaginitis: vagina secretes a thick, white, and smelly discharge, being itchy and swollen, and having a symptom of pain, discomfort, or burning when urinating.

– Cervicitis: abnormal vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding, vaginal itching, pain, and burning when urinating.

Cervical ectropion: lower abdominal pain, pain during sex.

1.4. Causes leading to gynecologic diseases in females.

Hot and humid climate creates a favorable environment for bacteria to grow

Poor hygiene habits

– Unsafe sex

Hormonal imbalance

– Do not have regular health checkups

The examination package for female to detect gynecologic diseases

Symptoms of gynecologic diseases in female can range from mild to severe

1.5. Complications of gynecological diseases in women

Although gynecologic diseases are common, their harms on reproductive health and spirit of women should not be ignored. It is necessary to have a plan to deal with them in a timely manner to avoid its following consequences:

Increasing the risk of contracting dangerous diseases: ovarian cysts, cervical fibroids, and cervical cancer.

– Affecting fertility: risk of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, rupture of membranes (ROM), and premature birth.

Impact on the health of the fetus: children are susceptible to oral thrush, dermatophytosis, premature birth, dermatitis, and encephalitis.

2. The examination package for female to detect gynecologic diseases

2.1. Information on the examination package

Gynecologic diseases, if early detected, will all have timely treatment plans and avoid their bad consequences. Recognizing the imperviousness of protecting women’s reproductive health, Thu Cuc Medical System – TCI has set up “The examination package for females to detect gynecologic diseases”. The detail and examination items are as follows:

The examination package for female to detect gynecologic diseases

(Applied at 286 Thuy Khue-216 Tran Duy Hung-136 Nguyen Trai-32 Dai Tu)





Sexually active


Sexually inactive

1General examination (measure blood pressure, weight, height)Assess indicators of survival



2Gynecological examinationDiagnose and detect gynecological pathologies

Diagnose and detect abnormalities in the breast, such as breast tumor, and abnormal nipple discharge



IIParaclinical examination
1ABO Typing (paper-based)Determine the ABO blood group



2Rh(D) Typing (stone-based)Determine the Rh blood group



3Fluid test for diagnosing cytology test (cytology test with Liqui Prep) {Test Thinprep}Test and screen cervical cancer


4HPV PCR (HPV identify type 16/18/14, different types)Screen the infection of HPV virus (sexually transmitted virus)


5Gram stainDetect types of bacteria, fungus, and parasites



6Gram stain of trichomonas vaginalis



7Fungal stain



8Quantification of CA 125 (Cancer Antigen 125) {blood}

Screen ovarian cancer



9Quantification of CA 15-3 (Cancer Antigen 15-3) {blood}Screen breast cancer



10 Chlamydia quick testDiagnose vaginitis


IIIDiagnostic imaging and functional exploration
1Ultrasonography of the uterus and ovaries through vaginal tract {transvaginal ultrasound}Detect diseases in the uterus, appendage and detect tumors in the uterus and ovary.


2Ultrasonography of the uterus and appendage {abdominal – general} 


3Ultrasound of the mammary gland (bilateral)


Detect diseases in the mammary gland



The package charge for sexually inactive women: 2,292,000 VND

The package charge for sexually active women: 4,236,000 VND

The examination package includes essential steps:

– Clinical examination: measuring blood pressure, weight, and height.

– Paraclinical examination: blood group tests, cervical cancer screening, fungal and bacteria culture test.

– Diagnostic imaging and functional exploration: including ultrasound to detect tumors and diseases in the mammary gland.

Address to apply: This package is applied at all four locations of Thu Cuc Medical System – TCI: 286 Thuy Khue, 216 Tran Duy Hung, 136 Nguyen Trai and 32 Dai Tu.

– Should not have a gynecological examination in the menstrual period, had better have a health checkup when the menstrual period finishes after 3 to 5 days.

– Should have a shower before going to the doctor.

– Should not use alcohol or beer and stimulants before health checkup 

2.2. Benefits gained when using the examination package

When using the examination package, patient will be entitled to the following preference and service:

– Examined by a team of leading specialist doctors of Thu Cuc – TCI.

Fully tested and examined to detect diseases and have timely intervention plans.

– A system of latest medical equipment helps improve the efficiency of screening.

– Clinics and consultation rooms are continuously sprayed with disinfectants.

More economical than separate examinations.

– Medical insurance and other types of guarantees applied.

Please contact us through the call center 1900 5588 92 for appointment making and consultation.

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