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Promotional offer for health check and cancer screening package in February

Welcoming the New Year 2023, Thu Cuc TCI Medical System launches an attractive promotion for the health check and cancer screening package – 40% discount. The program is applied in February 2023 only.

1. Starting the new year with a good health

Tet holidays have gone by, everybody is rushing back to work. After a long holiday, eating and living habits have changed a lot and some have faced signs of bad health. Drinking and eating during Tet holidays can cause liver damage. These problems all affect productivity in the workplace and study and cause discomfort and tiredness.

For the start of the new year full of luck and a peaceful life, investment for health is a priority. A healthy body is the premise to help you realize all your dreams. This February, Thu Cuc TCI offers you an incentive when registering the health check and cancer screening package: 40% discount for the health check package at all the clinics of Thu Cuc TCI.

Time duration applied: from 1st February to 28th February.

Promotional offer for health check and cancer screening package in February

A chance for accessing advanced medical services for all age groups

2. Outstanding advantages gained when having the health check and cancer screening package at Thu Cuc TCI

With a desire to become a reliable health place for people in perfecting service quality. Thu Cuc Medical System TCI continuously improves its service quality. Here are the outstanding strengths, bringing the name of Thu Cuc TCI closer to Vietnamese families

2.1. General health check-up packages

General health check-up packages at Thu Cuc TCI are designed by a team of professional and qualified doctors. Simultaneously, Thu Cuc TCI also uses the latest medical equipment to determine the effectiveness of an accurate diagnosis. Especially, diversity in general health check-up and cancer screening packages helps customers select them in accordance with their health status and personal need.

Currently, Thu Cuc TCI owns a diversity of health check-up and cancer screening packages from the basic package to advanced one, including essential examination items that are suitable for many age groups. They consist of:

– Obstetric examination package

– General health check-up package

– Early cancer screening and detecting package

– Comprehensive cancer screening and health check-up package

– Digestive system examination package

Pre-marital health and productive check-up package

– Package for function of nervous system and brain and pathology tests

– Package for function of heart and lung and pathology tests

– Other health check-up packages (Obstetrics and gynecology; Ear, Nose and Throat {ENT}, Odonto-stomatology, and nutrition).

Thus, in any age group, all members of the family can easily choose a suitable package. To better understand what package is suitable for each member of your family, do not hesitate to consult a specialist doctor.

Promotional offer for health check and cancer screening package in February

A diversity of health check-up packages for your choice

2.2. Direct health check-up performed by a team of highly qualified doctors

Well-known for a medical system with a medical examination quality that is identical in all the clinics, Thu Cuc TCI gathers a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses, who all have a medical ethics.

– A team of associate professors, doctors, masters, and doctors have a deep professional knowledge and have ever worked for big and prestigious hospitals.

– Having ever successfully treated many cases of complicated illnesses detected in its late development stage.

– Directly consult every patient carefully. In case, patients, with potential health risks, who do not require medical intervention. A doctor will consult you with an appropriate diet and lifestyle.

2.3. Consultation with a modern medical equipment

All the technologies and latest equipment are directly imported from foreign countries, giving a maximum support for the process of health check-up and cancer screening. Some outstanding technologies used in health check-up packages are as follows:

– Robot automatic laboratory system has the largest processing capacity in the world (1200 blood tubes/hour, reducing 59% of manual methods and providing results within 45 minutes).

– MRI technology gives the high-definition and realistic images for the support of accurate health check-up results. X-ray is considered being safe for users, including pregnant women and children.

– Modern gastrointestinal endoscopy technology NBI 5P can magnify the picture more than 100 times, helping doctors clearly view the mucosal layer with narrow band imaging (NBI). Thanks to this, gastrointestinal cancer is early detected. Especially endoscopes with small and soft designs help patients release their discomfort during the procedure.

– DEXA bone density meter with a simple and non-invasive procedure helps accurately detect Osteoporosis and fracture risk in 5 locations.

Promotional offer for health check and cancer screening package in February

The latest medical equipment system

You should not miss the opportunity of caring for your health with the most affordable price at Thu Cuc TCI. Every question for general health check-up and cancer screening package, please do not hesitate to contact the call center 1900 55 88 92 for earliest advice.

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