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Free eye examination for the elderly in March 2023

To resolve the status of the increasing number of blinded people by cataracts. In March 2023, Thu Cuc TCI launched a free program of eye examination for the elderly, and at the same time discounted 20% on the Phaco surgery to help patients have the opportunity to regain their bright eyes.

There is an old sentence, “Rich with two eyes, difficult with two hands”. Bright eyes are the most precious gift of us. However, in Vietnam, the number of blind people is still quite high. Among them, cataract is one of the leading causes of blindness. Phaco surgery which replaces the vitreous is currently the most effective method of treating cataract patients.

1. What is Phaco surgery and its outstanding advantages?

Phaco surgery (known as Phacoemulsification) is also named as Phaco eye surgery technology or Phaco cataract surgery. This method works by using sound wave energy to crush and suck the vitreous out through a very small incision, then the doctor will replace it with the artificial lens.

Free eye examination for the elderly in March 2023

Phaco surgery is the most effective treatment for cataracts today.

For a normal person from the age of 40, the vitreous shows a sign of sclerosis and cloudiness over time and causes the patient’s vision to gradually weaken, called for the physiological cataract. The most noticeable symptoms in cataract patients are blurred, not clear vision, eyes are sensitive to light, and difficult to see at night.

Besides, the vitreous can also be cloudy because of congenital or eye diseases and systemic diseases such as: glaucoma, uveitis, trauma, use of drugs (corticoid, chlorpromazine…).

Currently, Phaco surgery which helps to regain sharp eyes like the youth for people with cataracts has many outstanding advantages:

– Short surgery time

– No pain, no bleeding

– Small incisions, so the recovery time is fast, the vision is improved immediately

– You can leave the hospital after 24 hours.

– Safe, a few of complications, high rate of the success

2. How to treat cataract with Phaco surgery

Before the surgery, the patient will be assigned an eye examination and necessary tests by the doctor. When you have enough condition, the patient is assigned to perform Phaco surgery following the below steps:

– Anesthetize and disinfect the surgical eye.

– Make a small incision with the length of 2.2 mm inside the anterior chamber.

– Pumps the mucus to protect endothelial cells and other organs.

– Tear off the capsule in front of the vitreous, use an ultrasound probe to crush the cloudy lens. Make a small incision in the cornea and insert a thin needle probe into the lens, then use ultrasound to break the cloudy lens and suck it out through the probe.

– Place a piece of the vitreous in this pouch. After stabilizing in the capsule, the artificial lens will slowly soften and return to its normally clear vitreous shape.

– Reconstruct the shape and structure of the anterior chamber, inject antibiotics to prevent infection in the eye after the surgery.

– Apply the medicine and then cover the eyes carefully.

3. The “Golden” offer to bring light for cataract patients at Thu Cuc TCI

Free eye examination for the elderly in March 2023

Thousands of patients have regained their bright eyes thanks to Phaco surgery at Thu Cuc TCI

Understanding the difficulties and inconveniences of patients with cataracts, Thu Cuc TCI Health System launches a free program of eye examination for people over 60 years old in the afternoons to help detect cataracts early. At the same time, 20% discount on the cost of Phaco surgery – Vitreous replacement to help patients regain the best vision soon.

Accordingly, for Phaco surgery of the vitreous replacement, patients will get a 20% discount on Phaco surgery and a 20% discount on subclinical services in Phaco surgery.

Besides, Thu Cuc TCI also launched a series of golden offers:

– 40% discount on a package of Ortho K eye examination (for nearsighted people)

– 10% discount on cost of Ortho K glasses & Free testing service

– 35% discount on other packages of eye examination

(Programs of deals are applied at 286 Thuy Khue facility)

In particular, Thu Cuc TCI simultaneously applies both deals and health insurance and guarantee insurance to help patients save maximum costs.

With the motto “Protecting healthy eyes”, Thu Cuc TCI wishes to support and accompany the cataract patients to reduce the cost and bring more opportunities for patients in their journey of finding bright eyes.

4. The reason for choosing Thu Cuc TCI to Phaco surgery

Free eye examination for the elderly in March 2023

The cataract surgery by Phaco method was performed at Thu Cuc International General Hospital.

At Thu Cuc TCI Health System, regimens of the cataract treatment by Phaco method is performed by a team of leading ophthalmologists, including the specialist doctor level II Nguyen Thi Xuan Loan – Deputy Head of Department of Ophthalmology with more than 33 years of experience and is an expert in the treatment of diseases of the fundus and vitreous. Dr. Loan is highly appreciated for his ingenuity in procedures, the surgery of eye pathology with thousands of difficult cases to perform successfully.

Besides, Ophthalmology in Thu Cuc TCI also owns the most modern machinery system today such as intraocular pressure meter, automatic refractometer, color fundus camera, … imported from the UK and Japan and gives accurate diagnostic results.

In addition, Thu Cuc TCI uses the most modern Phaco surgical machine with posterior vitrectomy, which is imported directly from Switzerland with a series of improvements that are superior to older generations, bringing high safety and ability, good energy balance. The state-of-the-art one-way sterile operating room system helps cataract patients reduce the risk of complications, improve their vision immediately and can be discharged from the hospital after only 4 hours of surgery.

Along with that, Thu Cuc TCI provides genuine artificial lenses from many of the world’s leading advanced manufacturers, which are FDA-approved such as:

– Monofocal lenses from European countries: Belgium, Hungary, UK, Poland, Australia, Singapore

– Multifocal lens: from Belgium, USA allows to see objects clearly at near, medium and far distances without wearing glasses.

Ophthalmology – Thu Cuc TCI has always made an effort to bring patients for the best method of the treatment to experience the world for all life through healthy eyes.

If you need more advice about the free eye examination and 20% discount on costs of Phaco surgery, please contact the hotline 1900558892 for the support soon.


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