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Examination with a good doctor, limit antibiotics – A golden day Free Children’s examination at TCI

A healthy body for the new year – four seasons of peace, our children are healthy throughout the year. The department of pediatrics, Thu Cuc TCI, has launched a promotional program of up to 50% discount on health care services in March 2023.

1. Free on price of clinical examination and discount 20% on paraclinical one 

Examination with a good doctor, limit antibiotics

Many promotional programs for pediatric examination at Thu Cuc Medical System in March 2023

To support children examination in the most ideal condition, Thu Cuc Pediatrics TCI launches a promotional attractive program in February 2023:

– 50% discount on clinical examination

– 20% discount on extra-paraclinical examination

Notes: The program is applied from 1st February 2023 to 28th February 2023 at Thu Cuc TCI 32 Dai Tu and Thu Cuc TCI 136 Nguyen Trai. It is not applied for quick viral tests (Adeno/Rotavirus) and Adenovirus Real-time PCR.

Examination with a good doctor, limit antibiotics

Abundance of attractive promotions are waiting for you at Thu Cuc TCI

2. 40% discount on nasal suction service for children (Proetz technique)

When a child is infected with bacteria and virus causing allergic rhinitis, nasal discharge will secrete constantly and become denser. At this time, children will often have runny and stuffy noses. This condition, if not treated immediately, will lead to some complications such as airway obstruction and respiratory failure.

Therefore, cleaning the child’s nose is very essential to clear the airways as well as to relieve wheezing, stuffy and runny nose. Moreover, to ensure its effectiveness and minimize risks, the process of sucking and rinsing the nose must be done properly.

At present, the department of pediatrics of Thu Cuc TCI uses the Proetz technique to quickly relieve symptoms of sinus syndrome from six to 8 times, to completely kill parasites and prevent infection and reduce purulent nasal discharge. In addition, the advantage of this technique is not damaging the nasal mucosa or causing pain and bleeding. It ensures the safety of a child’s health.

Especially, parents should not miss the chance of attractive promotions in February 2023: 40% discount on nasal suction service for children (Proetz technique), applied at 136 Nguyen Trai and 32 Dai Tu.

3. 40% discount on a general pediatric health examination

Examination with a good doctor, limit antibiotics

40% discount on nasal suction service (Proetz technique)

How to prepare for children with vigorous health, a year with 12 months, makes a breakthrough in mental and physical health. Having your children clinically examined to assess the comprehensive health condition. Because this is the only way for parents to achieve three following goals:

– First: Clearly grasp the child’s physical and mental development at the present time

– Second: Fully equipped with proper childcare knowledge from doctors.

– Third: Preventing, detecting, and immediately treating many dangerous diseases (if any) for children.

This February, Thu Cuc TCI offers a 40% discount on the general pediatric health examination. The program is applied at all four clinics: 286 Thuy Khue, 216 Tran Duy Hung, 32 Dai Tu and 136 Nguyen Trai.

4. The department of pediatrics – Thu Cuc TCI – Child’s health is our top priority!

Going through nearly a decade of establishment and development, the department of pediatrics of Thu Cuc TCI has become one of the outstanding specialties in the whole system. This is a place gathering a team of leading doctors in the field of pediatrics, who directly examine and treat children’s health problems such as internal pediatrics, nervous, digestive, and respiratory system, and resuscitation in emergency medicine as well as a periodic health check-up for children. 

Besides, we can mention a team of nurses and health workers in the department of pediatrics, who are always attentive to the child’s health.

With the top criteria: “Enthusiastic examination – Limit the use of antibiotics”, parents can feel secure completely with a treatment regimen designed suitably for their child’s health condition, the use of antibiotics is absolutely avoided and only used in critical cases.


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