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Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps (muscle spasms) are common, usually harmless, and do not need immediate medical assistance. They can occur to anyone and at any time. The tightening of muscles, even though temporary, is painful. Moreover, those uncontrollable contractions interfere with your daily activities. There are some natural home remedies to treat muscle cramps when they attack.

muscle cramps

What is a muscle cramp?

Muscle cramps (muscle spasms) are sudden and uncontrollable contractions of muscles. The tightening of muscles, even though temporary, is painful. They can be present in every body part. However, the contractions are prone to affecting the calves, thighs, hands, feet, and abdomen. These cramps are not usually harmful, yet they bring discomfort depending on the level of intensity. Moreover, spasms can be dangerous in some specific situations, such as swimming underwater, driving vehicles, or operating machinery. 

How to cure muscle cramps effectively

Everyone can experience muscle spasms. However, there are evidences that some people  experience cramps more often than others regarding one’s sensitivity of muscle reflexes. And there is no specific cause for it. Self-care remedies can treat most cramps. If you experience a muscle contraction, these actions might help: 

    • If you are active, stop immediately. Do not move and relax the affected limbs
    • Gently massage the muscle. A heating pad will help better at relaxing the muscle. 
    • If you have leg or foot cramps, stretching is a solution.
    • In case of rib cramps, take deep breaths to relax the diaphragm, then gently massage the muscles around the ribcage.
    • Drink hot tea, oresol, orange juice, lemonade, etc.

Muscle cramps normally do not last long and are not dangerous. Nevertheless, chronic and intense cramps can be related to underlying medical factors such as circulation problems and liver disease. You should see a doctor for the correct diagnosis and immediate medical treatment if necessary.

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