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Bananas: How to eat them right?

Bananas are among the most abundant and nutritious foods in our lives. This golden fruit plays a role in a healthy diet as they contain a healthy source of many essential nutrients for our bodies. However, is there any adverse outcome if you have too many of them? How many of them should you eat a day?

Health benefits bananas bring to your life

  1. Digestive Health: Our body can easily break down the carbohydrates bananas contain. They also provide a fair amount of fiber and water. Those nutrients restore electrolytes into the body in case of diarrhea or vomiting. Also, this probiotic fruit helps grow good bacteria in the digestive tract. 
  2. Heart health: Potassium in the fruit is a critical mineral to heart health. Potassium manages blood pressure and reduces the opposing effects of salt in daily diet. Significantly, it protects people against heart attack or stroke. 
  3. Kidney health: Potassium present in bananas is a remedy against kidney stones.
  4. Muscle recovery: Magnesium in the fruit supports muscle contraction, relieving muscle pains after a workout. 
  5. Support weight loss: Bananas are relatively low in calories, yet nutrient dense. Therefore, you will feel full longer than other foods due to their fiber content.

Bananas are relatively low in calories, yet nutrient dense

Is it good to eat a lot of bananas?

It is not good to have too much of anything, and so is this golden fruit. Even though they have undeniable benefits for health, eating a balanced diet is vital for wholesome health. 

Consuming too many bananas can be a reason for nutrient deficiency

Consuming too many bananas can be a reason for nutrient deficiency. They are high in fiber; therefore, they can keep you full longer than other foods. Your stomach might not make room for foods having nutrients bananas lack, such as protein, iron, vitamin D, etc. Your body might not maintain a balanced variety of nutrients to perform well. 

There is no scientific-based guide for the number of bananas you should consume to claim whether it is good or bad. It depends on individual calorie and nutrient requirements, as long as you do not over-consume calories and under-consume essential nutrients. One to two bananas daily would be a moderate intake for a person. You can consult a nutritionist to help plan a healthy and balanced diet that fits you.

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