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What Causes Itchy Skin at Night?

Itchy skin at night often makes you feel uncomfortable, as well as disrupting your sleep. Several skin diseases or other diseases can cause this condition. The following article will point out what causes itchy skin at night and how to best treat it.


Skin diseases

    1. Atopic dermatitis: People with atopic dermatitis have dry, itchy, swollen, and possibly cracked skin. This disease usually develops in episodes and is prone to recur many times. Patients will often experience rashes when exposed to irritants such as weather, food, cosmetics, etc.
    2. Psoriatic dermatitis: Symptoms such as thick dead skin cells and scaly spots like fish scales on the skin that cause itchiness can break out at night when there is friction with beds or mattresses. This will make patients itchy and uncomfortable while sleeping.
    3. Social diseases: Itchy skin is often the first manifestation of several sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as genital warts, syphilis, gonorrhea, or HIV/AIDS. Patients with STDs often experience itching as a side effect of antiviral drugs. In addition, an increase in bacteriophage causes the HIV-infected to experience itchy skin.


    1. Liver and kidney diseases: The liver’s detoxifying role in people with liver diseases is weakened, as shown in the accumulation of toxins that cause itching. Similarly, people with liver diseases have weak livers, and poor waste and toxins excretion through urine, gradually accumulating harmful substances in the body.
    2. Diabetes: When the sugar level in the blood is too high, it will damage blood vessels under the skin, affecting the circulation of nutrients, which makes the skin more susceptible to damage and can cause itching.

Additionally, having typhus, viral fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever or hand, foot, and mouth disease can make patients itch at night. These diseases are often associated with high fever and itching when patients are in the healing stage.


Whether it is itchy skin at night or during the day, it makes people feel uncomfortable and can affect work and study. Therefore, knowing the right causes is the best way to find a treatment for this condition.

You should not arbitrarily buy skin products or medicines for itching without consulting with a specialist. When there are signs of itchy skin, you should visit a dermatologist as soon as possible.

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