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The health checkup package for patient with hepatitis C

The health checkup package for patient with hepatitis C is directly researched and set up by qualified and experienced specialist doctors. It helps evaluate and control the hepatitis C status and work out the best treatment method.

1. The overview of health checkup package for patient with hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is caused by the HCV virus. This is a viral infectious disease which causes hepatitis and can lead to a severe liver damage.

To control and evaluate the hepatitis C status, Thu Cuc TCI has launched a health checkup for patients with hepatitis C. Based on this, disease severity will be assessed to provide necessary indications for preventing and treating the disease effectively.

2. Details of examination items and the package charge

Full details of examination items and the package charge, customer can refer to the following image:


(Applied at 286 Thuy Khue-216 Tran Duy Hung-32 Dai Tu)

1 General examination Assess risky factors, life habits, clinical examination, and conclusion of the examination package × ×
II TESTS      
1 Complete blood count (performed by laser counter) {24TS} Detect anemia and blood diseases × ×
2 PT: Prothrombin Time (another name: TQ: Prothrombin Time) by automatic machine Evaluate the process of coagulation × ×
3 Quantification of Glucose {blood} Evaluate the status of blood sugar × ×
4 Quantification of total cholesterol {blood} Evaluate the status of cholesterol × ×
5 Quantification of Triglyceride {blood} × ×
6 Quantification of Urea {blood} Evaluate the function of kidney × ×
7 Quantification of Creatinine {blood} × ×
8 ALT blood test (GPT) {blood} Check liver enzyme, evaluate hepatitis and liver diseases × ×
9 AST blood test (GOT) {blood} × ×
10 Measurement of Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) {blood} {Gamma GT} × ×
11 Quantification of total Bilirubin {blood} Evaluate liver disorders such as hepatitis, cirrhosis of liver or functional disorders of the biliary tract such as gallstones and jaundice caused by hemolysis × ×
12 Quantification of direct Bilirubin {blood} × ×
13 Quantification of Albumin {blood} Evaluate the status of nutrients and liver diseases × ×
14 Quantification of total Protein {blood} × ×
15 Quantification of Acid Uric {blood} Evaluate the risk of gout × ×
16 Quantification of AFP (Alpha Fetoprotein) {blood} Sign of hepatocellular carcinoma × ×
17 HBsAg quick test Evaluate the status of Hepatitis B virus infection whether in parallel with Hepatitis C virus infection or not × ×
18 HCV genotype Real-time PCR Identify the type of hepatitis C virus causing the illness × ×
19 HCV viral load – auto system Viral load of hepatitis B virus to evaluate the viral replication or activity at present × ×
20 Urinalysis (with automatic machine – 10 parameters) Detect some diseases in kidney and urinary system × ×
III Diagnostic imaging
1 Abdominal ultrasound (general, basic, female) Check if there are abnormalities in the shape of organs or not, detect pathological conditions in the abdomen such as liver, bile, pancreas, kidney. It supports the discovery of cancers in organs. False negative result to solid organ cancers less than 1cm   ×
2 Abdominal ultrasound (general, basic, male) ×  
3 Ultrasound of tissue elasticity (liver, mammary glands…) {liver tissue elasticity} Evaluate the level of cirrhosis of liver through liver parenchyma stiffness × ×
The total package charge: 7,636,800 VND

 The details of examination items in the package for patient with hepatitis C

3. Advantages of choosing the health checkup at Thu Cuc Medical System TCI

– Gather a team of experienced and qualified doctors having ever worked for big hospitals. They are ready to consult patients friendly and enthusiastically.

– Experience the health checkup with a system of high-tech medical equipment imported from foreign countries such as auto robot test lab, 4D color ultrasound, digital radiography with high level of safety.

– Thu Cuc provides a free light meal after endoscopy.

– Provide online test results if required by the customer.

– A team of professional health workers are ready to support customers in the process of examination.

For detailed information or enquiry, please contact the call center 1900558892 for support and fastest answer.


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