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Laser Treatment Rescues Young Woman from Severe Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoidal complications, particularly congestion and external prolapse, often lead to distress and pain. Beyond these immediate challenges, there’s an underlying risk of anal edema, intense pain, and even rectal ulcers. Seeking relief, a young woman found solace in laser treatment at Thu Cuc TCI International General Hospital.

The Peril of Thrombosed hemorrhoid

Patient P.H.N, a 21-year-old from Hoang Mai District, Hanoi, sought medical attention at Thu Cuc TCI International General Hospital due to prolapsed hemorrhoids causing pain, discomfort, and hindering daily activities. Patient P.H.N shared her struggles, expressing how the condition affected her daily life, making even routine activities like going to school challenging. The hemorrhoids worsened over time, leading to embarrassment and diminished confidence.
After a thorough examination, Patient P.H.N was diagnosed with grade 3 internal hemorrhoids with external prolapse and congestion. Additionally, blood clots were found inside the anal canal, exacerbating her pain compared to typical grade 3 internal hemorrhoids.

Dr. Tu Phi Van, Deputy Head of the Department of Surgery at Thu Cuc TCI, explained that a thrombosed hemorrhoid occurs when a blood clot forms inside a hemorrhoidal vein, obstructing blood flow and causing a painful swelling of the anal tissues. Thrombosed hemorrhoid can be very painful. If you have one, it can hurt to walk, sit, or go to the bathroom.

Laser Treatment Rescues Young Woman from Severe Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

Notably, hemorrhoidal congestion poses more significant risks than conventional hemorrhoids, exhibiting characteristic signs like fluid discharge, blood, and ulceration when blood clots rupture, leading to complications like extensive inflammation in the rectal area and heightened pain.

Diode Laser for Hemorrhoids: Swift Relief in 30 Minutes

To address the patient’s condition, Dr. Tu Phi Van recommended immediate non-surgical intervention using Diode Laser technology for hemorrhoid removal. Dr. Tu performed the procedure in about 30 minutes. Post-intervention, patient P.H.N was conscious and able to converse with the medical team. Remarkably, she could move comfortably and walk lightly within 5-6 hours.
Dr. Tu Phi Van emphasized that Laser Diode treatment for hemorrhoidal conditions revolutionizes the traditional psychological trauma associated with surgery. Unlike conventional methods, diode laser doesn’t involve cutting instruments but utilizes laser energy to eliminate hemorrhoidal vessels and shrink hemorrhoidal tissues. The resulting wounds are minimal, as the laser path less than 3mm.

Moreover, diode laser technology boasts quicker postoperative recovery compared to traditional approaches. Dr. Tu shared that laser treatment require only a day of hospital stay, with most patients undergoing consultation and surgery on the same day and being discharged the following day.

Patient Recovery and Positive Experience

Post-treatment, patient P.H.N expressed surprise at the gentle and painless experience. She highlighted her initial fears upon hearing the diagnosis but marveled at the quick and painless removal of vascularly congested hemorrhoids, allowing her to be discharged within a day.
Thu Cuc TCI International General Hospital effectively applies diode laser for treatment of hermorrhoid. Beyond technological strengths, the hospital’s reputation is bolstered by a team of specialized experts and comprehensive postoperative care, ensuring a supportive and attentive experience patients.

Laser Treatment Rescues Young Woman from Severe Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

Thu Cuc TCI applies diode laser for treatment of hermorrhoid

Thu Cuc TCI International General Hospital, located at 286 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi, currently offers a promotion of up to 3 MILLION VND for patients scheduling hemorrhoid surgeries. For detailed information, contact 1900 5588 96.

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