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Health checkup and precocious puberty detecting package for children aged 7 to 15 years old

Puberty is the stage of normal physiological development of the body – a transition from children to adults. However, precocious puberty among children is common due to many causes, affecting child’s physiology. Therefore, screening examination of precocious puberty is an essential measure, not only early detecting illness but also giving a direction of effective treatment and protecting child’s health.

On basis of screening examination to detect precocious puberty, the treatment of precocious puberty for children will bring many benefits such as: improving height, cessation of sexual maturation, reducing the risk of early sexual intercourse to prevent sexual abuse and emotional disorders among children.

The health checkup and precocious puberty screening package for children aged 7 to 15 is now applied at 286 Thuy Khue (under Thu Cuc Medical System – TCI). Below are the details of examination list:


(Applied at 286 Thuy Khue)

I. Clinical examination
1Pediatric examinationExamination of circulatory, respiratory and digestive system, nephrology and urology, nervous system and psychology and other health problems

Height and weight measurement, BMI index

2Eye examinationDetect some eye diseases××
3Odonto-stomatologic examinationDetect some odonto-stomatologic diseases××
4General ENT examinationDetect some ENT diseases××
5Nutritional examinationDetect some nutritional diseases××
6Skin examinationDetect some skin diseases××
II. Paraclinical
1Complete blood count (performed by laser counter) {24TS}Detect anemia and blood diseases××
2Quantification of total protein {blood}Evaluate the nutritional status and liver diseases××
3Quantification of Albumin {blood}××
4AST blood test (GOT) {blood}Evaluate the function of liver××
5ALT blood test (GPT) {blood}××
6Identification of microelements (Bronze, Zinc) {Zinc}Quantification of Zinc in the blood××
7Quantification of 250H Vitamin D (D3) {blood}Quantification of Vitamin D in the blood××
8Quantification of ionized calcium with ion selective electrodes {blood}Quantification of calcium in the blood to evaluate the function of parathyroid gland and calcium metabolism in the blood××
9Quantification of total calcium {blood}××
10Identification of Fe microelements {Fe}Evaluate Fe element in the blood××
11Quantification of Creatinine {blood}Evaluate the function of kidney××
12Quantification of Urea {blood}××
13Quantification of Glucose {blood}Early detect diabetes××
14Urine sediment examination (by manual method)Detect some diseases in kidney and urinary system××
15Urinalysis (by automatic machine) {10 parameters}Detect some diseases in kidney and urinary system××
16ABO typing (paper-based)Identify the blood group××
17Rh(D) typing (stone-based)Identify the blood group××
18Quantification of Estradiol {blood}Evaluate end detect precocious puberty××
19Quantification of Testosterone{blood}××
20Quantification of FSH (Follicular stimulating Hormone) {blood}××
21Quantification of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) {blood}××
22Quantification of Ferritin {blood}Evaluate Fe status and reserve in the body relating to eating habits, anemia, infectious diseases, liver and blood disorders××
23Quantification of Magnesium {blood}Evaluate the blood magnesium level××
III. Diagnostic imaging
1Abdominal ultrasound {general, color 4D, children}Detect some diseases in abdominal organs (liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas)××
2Plain chest radiograph (plain heart and lung)Detect some diseases in heart and lung××
3Finger bone X-rayEvaluate the bone age××
4Brain MRI (without injecting contrast agents)Detects central precocious puberty caused by brain tumors.××
Total package charge: 9,503,000 VND


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