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The examination package for detecting children with precocious puberty aged from 7 to 15 years old

Screening precocious puberty to evaluate children’s growth status, based on this, the doctor will provide a suitable treatment method, facilitating the development of children more comprehensively and their confidence in communication and life. Grasping that concern, Thu Cuc Medical System-TCI has officially launched the examination package for detecting children with precocious puberty aged from 7 to 15 years old to help parents fully understand their child’s health condition.

1. We should not be subjective to children’s early puberty

Puberty is a normal physiological development stage of the body, a transition from childhood to adulthood. However, early puberty among children is occurring commonly because of different causes. This affects children’s physiology such as:

– Early puberty causes the status of bone growth and its premature closure which make children become dwarf when they enter adulthood

– Children usually have less than 3 years for their height development compared with those of the same age.

–  Increase in sexual ability of little boy results in their emotional crisis

– Early periods of little girls can cause polycystic ovary syndrome when they become an adult and it affects their fertility later.

With bad effects of early puberty on children, the detection and treatment of early puberty of children will help parents minimize possible complications to their children. Therefore, having children’s health checked is very essential that parents should not overlook it.

2. Details of the health checkup package for children aged 7 to 15 years old to detect early puberty

Grasping the importance of early detecting children’s early puberty for caring and protecting beloved child’s health, a team of leading doctors at Thu Cuc Medical System-TCI has studied and set up an examination package for early detecting early puberty of children aged 7 to 15 years old. The package includes an essential examination list to timely detect a child’s early puberty. The detailed list of the package includes:


No.Service listPurpose and benefits of indicationsMaleFemale
I. Clinical examination
1Pediatric examinationExamination of circulatory, breathing and digestive system, nephrology and urology, nervous system and psychology and other health problems.

Height and weight measurement, BMI index

IIParaclinical examination   
1Complete blood count (performed by laser counter)Detect anemia and blood diseases××
2AST blood test (GOT) {blood}Evaluate liver functions××
3ALT blood test (GPT) {blood}××
4Quantification of Creatinine {blood}Evaluate the function of kidney××
5Quantification of Urea {blood}××
6Quantification of Glucose {blood}Early detect diabetes××
7Quantification of Estradiol {blood} 



Evaluate and early detect early puberty

8Quantification of Testosterone {blood}××
9Quantification of FSH (Follicular Stimulating Hormone) {blood}××
10Quantification of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) {blood}××
IIIDiagnostic imaging   
1Abdominal ultrasound (general – 4D color-children)Detect some diseases in abdominal organs (liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas)××
2Plain chest radiograph (plain heart and lung)Detect some diseases in heart and lung××
3Finger and hand bone radiograph (plain, leaning or oblique) {one side, two postures: plain – leaning – oblique – digitizing one film) 



Evaluate the bone age

4MRI of the brain (without injecting contrast agent)Detect some diseases in thyroid gland××
Total charge: 5,865,000 VND

3. Benefits gained when registering health checkup packages at Thu Cuc-TCI

– The health checkup package is scientifically designed, including an essential examination list, which helps detect many pathological conditions in the child’s body.

– A team of leading and experienced pediatricians directly perform an examination.

– Modern facilities and medical equipment help screen the illness effectively.

– A team of health workers provide considerate care like their relatives.

– All charges included in the package and cost saving compared with individual examination.

– Support an examination appointment through the call center, helping patients save time.

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