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Surgery Department

  • Le Ngoc Thuong
    Outstanding physician, Specialist doctor level II

    Le Ngoc Thuong

    Deputy director, in charge of general surgery and head of surgery department
  • Pham Huy Huyen
    Meritorious Physician, Second Degree Doctor

    Pham Huy Huyen

    Deputy Director of Thu Cuc International General Hospital, in charge of Surgery and Nephro-Urology Department
  • Phi Van Tu
    Specialist doctor Level I

    Phi Van Tu

    Head of inpatient department and a surgeon
  • Nguyen Van Cuong
    The 1st Degree Specialist

    Nguyen Van Cuong

  • Le Dinh Hoa
    Specialist doctor Level I

    Le Dinh Hoa

  • Le Hoang Minh
    Specialist doctor Level I

    Le Hoang Minh

  • Bui Minh Chien
    Specialist doctor level I

    Bui Minh Chien

  • Le Tu Anh
    Master, Doctor

    Le Tu Anh

  • Vu Van Hai
    Master, Doctor

    Vu Van Hai

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