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Surgery Department
Specialist Level 1 Dr.

Cuong Van Nguyen

Specialty: Surgery Department

Doctor Nguyen Van Cuong – The 1st Degree Specialist has 32 years of working experience in Military’s Medical Field as follow:

– Lang Son Military Command

– Hospital of Brigade 210 – Military Region I

– Hospital of Brigade 409 –  Military Region I

– Military Hospital 110 – CHC – Military Region I

– Military Hospital 110 – CHC – Military Region I

Doctor Cuong is not only professional and experienced, but also he preserves and promotes the good qualities of a military medical soldier: funny, high sense of responsibility, wholeheartedly for the patients, including the difficult sick cases.

Currently, Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong – The 2nd Degree Specialist is working at Thu Cuc TCI’s Outpatient Clinic at 32 Dai Tu street, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi city.

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