Doctpr Le Van Dung
Specialist doctor level I

Le Van Dung

Specialty: Department of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Functional Exploration

Doctor Le Van Dung graduated from Vietnam Military Medical University with the degree of specialist doctor level I specialized in anesthesia and resuscitation.
Doctor Dung has had nearly 30 years of working experience in the field of anesthesia and resuscitation and ever worked for some hospitals and held the position of head of anesthesia and resuscitation department.
– Doctor at the anesthesia and resuscitation department, Thach That General Hospital.
– Head of anesthesia and resuscitation department, Son Tay General Hospital.
With his expertise and working experience in the field of anesthesia and resuscitation, doctor Dung has successfully performed thousands of anesthesia and resuscitation cases, contributing to the success of operations for children and adults – both basic and complex ones.
His carefulness, responsibility and dedication to patients has gained patient’s trust and love when they have examination and treatment at Thu Cuc Medical System.

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