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Alcohol Use: How to keep the risks in check

Alcohol is a depressant that takes its toll on many parts of your mental and physical health. Moderate consumption of liquor is essential to keep the party fun and reduce the influence of drinking at the same time.

moderate alcohol consumption is essential


Liquor absorption

Alcohol is absorbed in the bloodstream quickly and spreads easily, carried to all parts of the body. It affects drinkers differently. The absorption level depends on many factors:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Drinking pattern
    • Liquor percentage in the drink
    • Food in the stomach
    • State of the Drinker
    • Medication/ drugs

Tips to combat the risks of alcohol

If you enjoy drinking, you might be prone to constantly pouring the drink. However, alcohol, like any other drug, can be detrimental. Drinking is associated with more than just physical and mental health problems. They are proven to link with violence, traffic accidents, and many other troubles in life. The following tips can help you keep the risks of drinking too much:

    • Eat before and while drinking: Food can inhibit the absorption of the liquor in drinks and may make you want to drink less when you feel fulfilled.
    • Know your drinking pattern: Make sure you know the alcohol percentage of the beverage. Depending on one’s physical and mental state, age, and gender, each person has a different limit of alcohol. Therefore, you should assess yourself to moderate drinking to avoid the possibility of alcohol poisoning.
    • Have a plan: Set a limit on the alcoholic beverages you will consume. Keep track of your intake. Slow down your drinking pace to slow down the alcohol absorption rate.
    • Hydrate your body: Drinking can lead to dehydration. A glass of water and juicy fruits can dilute the liquor and support liver detoxification, quickly eliminating alcohol from the body.
    • Ensure safety after drinking: Studies show that liquor affects judgment and response speed. Therefore, driving under the influence can lead to dangerous circumstances. Do not drive if you are intoxicated to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

driving under the influence of alcohol


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