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Guide for Expectant Parents

Welcoming a child to your family is a thrilling event for expectant parents. At times, it may also be overwhelming as it evokes many wonderings, worries, and questions toward the arrival of your baby.  At TCI, we support you through every stage of this journey so that you can focus on what matters most – the well-being of yourself and your growing family. We hope that this 3-P guide will be helpful in the preparation for a new addition to your family! 

A Guide for Expectant Parents


Medical check-ups are essential to keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy. This prenatal care process includes not only check-ups but also education and consultation on handling various aspects of your pregnancy. During your visits, your doctor may discuss many issues that you might meet in the pregnancy journey. For example, suitable and healthy eating habits and physical activities for you, any needed screening tests and examinations, and what to expect during your labor.

TCI Hospital offers access to professional diagnostic tests and examinations and attentive care by experienced gynecologists-obstetricians and medical staff. Our maternity care packages provide care until the end of 40 weeks of your pregnancy.

OB/GYN service in TCI


Obstetrician Ha Nguyen – Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of TCI Hospital said, “Recently, TCI Hospital has recorded a great increase in the registration of pregnancy packages, meaning that TCI has become a trusted place for many moms-to-be. Many expectant parents stated that they choose TCI because of the amiable atmosphere and high healthcare service qualities with experienced yet attentive medical staff. As of mid-April 2020, the number of births registered here is 3270 and is increasing.”

Dr. Ha Nguyen added that even though the number of birth registrations is high, the hospital has prepared in advance in terms of delivery rooms available and professional care for each mom. 

OB/GYN service in TCI


TCI Hospital offers pregnant women many valuable gifts. Free application of platelet-rich plasma will be applied. The technology helps accelerate skin wound healing and reduce pain after C-section. Moreover, there are gift sets for babies after birth and many other promotions through different events. TCI also helps support health insurance and guarantee insurance to minimize the costs of the maternity package.

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