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The whole body’s screening examination package of tumor’s image – advanced and expansion one

Every year, Vietnam has about 11,500 people die of cancers, the death rate seems to increase steadily and becomes a red alarm for this illness. Therefore, actively having the whole body’s screening examination of tumor’s images will help you set up a shield against the attack of carcinogen.

1. What is the importance of screening examination of tumor’s images of the whole body?

Tumor can be benign or malignant. Nevertheless, malignant tumors can easily develop into cancer. This dangerous illness can be confused with common illnesses. Therefore, most of us detect the symptom of illness when it is in the late stage and then treatment becomes complicated, costly and less effective. Treatment in the late stage of this illness is to relieve painfulness and prolong the living time.

Cancer is compared to the “Shadow of death”, we should not underestimate this fatal disease, the only method is actively having screening examination for detecting tumor of the whole body for:

– Detect the germ of cancer, even tiny tumors

– Evaluate the body’s health status

– Detect other health problems which are easily missed

The whole body’s screening examination package of tumor’s image - advanced and intensive one

Screening the whole body’s tumors with MRI method

2. Diverse examination list

To accompany our esteemed customers in creating an annual health care habit, Thu Cuc Medical System – TCI has launched a package for screening tumors in the body – advanced and intensive one with the following essential list:


(Applied at 286 Thuy Khue, 216 Tran Duy Hung and 32 Dai Tu)


Sexually active


Sexually inactive

IClinical examination
1Internal examination/oncologyPerforming examination, indication and conclusion of examination package×××
1Complete blood count (performed by laser counter) {24TS}Detect anemia and blood diseases×××
2ABO typing (paper-based)Identify the blood group×××
3Rh(D) typing (stone-based)×××
4PT: Prothrombin Time (another name: TQ: Prothrombin Time by automatic machineDetect abnormality in hemostasis×××
5APTT: Activated Partial Thromboplastin time (another name: TCK) by automatic machine×××
6Quantification of Fibrinogen (another name: quantification of element I) – Claus method, direct method, by automatic machine×××
7Quantification of Urea {blood}Evaluate the function of kidney×××
8Quantification of Creatinine {blood}×××
9Measurement of Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) {blood} {Gamma GT}Evaluate the injury of liver caused by alcohol, beer and cigarette×××
10AST blood test (GOT) {blood}Evaluate some liver diseases×××
11ALT blood test (GPT) {blood}×××
12Quantification of Glucose {blood}Diagnose diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance×××
13Quantification of total cholesterol {blood}Quantification of lipid (evaluate the condition of lipid disorders)×××
14Quantification of Triglyceride {blood}×××
15HBsAg auto immunity {HBsAg Cobas}Screening the infection of hepatitis B×××
16HCV Ab auto immunity {Anti HCVScreening the infection of hepatitis C×××
17HIV Ab quick testScreening the infection of HIV×××
IIIDiagnostic imaging and functional exploration   
1MRI of the whole body to screen and evaluateDetect abnormality of the whole body’s tumors×××
2MRI of brain, brain arteries without injecting contrast agentDetect abnormality in the brain – brain arteries×××
3Straight chest X-ray {straight heart and lung}Detect tumor’s abnormality in lung and rib cage×××
4Oblique chest X-ray {Oblique heart and lung}×××
5Mammography (bilateral)Detect abnormal tumors in breast ××
6Bilateral breast ultrasoundDetect abnormality in breast × 
7Ultrasonography of the uterus and ovaries through vaginal tract {transvaginal ultrasound}Detect abnormality in uterus and appendage×××
8Thyroid gland ultrasound {color 4D}Detect some diseases in thyroid gland×  
9Abdominal ultrasound (general, basic, male)Detect some diseases of abdominal organs (liver, kidney…)×  
10Abdominal ultrasound (general, basic, female) ××
11Normal electrocardiogram (12 channels)Detect some cardiovascular diseases)×××
IVInterventional and diagnostic endoscopy
1Nasal endoscopy (hard tube or soft tube)Detect some diseases in ENT×××
2Colonoscopy with total soft tube without biopsy {NBI}Endoscopy to detect injuries (if available), early detect cancers×××
3Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) without biopsy {NBI}Endoscopy to detect injuries (if available), early detect cancers×××
4Other anesthesia (total intravenous anesthesia with etomidate, ketamine, propofol, thiopental – stomach and colon)Anesthesia for endoscopy of stomach and colon×××
5Endoscopic accessories of stomach and colon with anesthesia (01 biopsy pliers, 01 oropharyngeal cannula, 01 oxygen therapy glasses)×××
The package charge varies from 25,732, 900 to 28,426,900 VND


– The above charge does not include injury biopsy, polypectomy, interventional accessories, histopathology, other paraclinical tests, not included in the package, required by patient/customer or indicated by doctors, hospitalization charge after polypectomy

– The packages have MRI when a doctor detects abnormality, the doctor will indicate the use of gadolinium contrast agent, the customer should pay this if it belongs to this case.

To know the exact charge for this package at each clinic of Thu Cuc – TCI, please contact the call center 1900 55 88 92

3. Advantages gained when registering a cancer-screening package at Thu Cuc TCI

With over a decade of development, Thu Cuc Medical System – TCI is proud to be a reliable examination and treatment place for people throughout the country. When registering examination at Thu Cuc, 99% of customers feels satisfied because:

– Modern medical equipment helps pinpoint pathological conditions in the body.

– A team of qualified and experienced doctors provide patients with considerate consultation.

– Comfortable and luxury space makes patients feel relaxed.

– Ensure the prevention of pandemic as regulated by the Ministry of Health.

– Considerate caring service is provided in a cozy manner.

– Diverse list of cancer screening, suitable for many people.

The whole body’s screening examination package of tumor’s image - advanced and intensive one

Actively having cancer-screening examination to get rid of illnesses

All the details of the examination package, do not hesitate to contact the call center 1900 55 88 92 for free consultation.


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