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Health checkup package for granting a green card

Health checkup package for granting a green card as regulated by the Ministry of Health for people to work in the field of food processing and business.

1. Why do we need a health checkup for granting a green card?

According to health experts “routine health checkups will help us detect and prevent diseases early. It brings essential benefits in the treatment and minimizes injuries and complications caused by some diseases”. Especially, for people working in the field of food processing and business, routine health checkup not only detects and prevents illness for their own, but also prevents infection to others.

According to the Decision 21/2007/QĐ-BYT dated 12th March, 2007 by the Ministry of Health about the health condition for people directly involving in the process of food processing and packaging: people directly taking part in food processing and business, individuals and organizations are the owner employing workers and direct workers doing their business independently                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

2. Health checkup list for granting a green card

Health checkup package for being granted a green card has been established by Thu Cuc as regulated by the Ministry of Health and simultaneously certifying health status and granting health checkup certificate to patients.


NoExamination listPurpose of indicationsMale/Female
I.                  Clinical examination
1Internal examinationDetect some internal diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and urinary diseases)         ×
2ENT examinationDetect abnormality in ENT         ×
3Odonto-stomatologic examinationDetect odonto-stomatologic diseases          ×
4Surgical and dermatologic examinationDetect surgical diseases and diseases in skin and subcutaneous tissue        ×
II.               Paraclinical examination
1HEV IgM quick testDetect the infection of hepatitis E       ×
2Anti HAV IgMDetect the infection of hepatitis A       ×
3Gut MicrobiotaIdentify types of bacteria in feces        ×
III.           Diagnostic imaging
1Straight X-ray of heart and lungDetect abnormalities in heart and lung        ×
Total package charge: 1,521,000 VND

 This charge applied at the time of posting this article, at other times the charge can be different. Patients can contact and make an appointment for group tests. To get a more detailed consultation, patients can contact the call center 1900 55 88 92 or 0936 388 288.

Notes: From 15th August, 2017, Thu Cuc International General Hospital carried out the taking of samples at home for patients who register to have medical examinations in the afternoon through the call center 1900 55 88 92.

To get more details or have questions, please contact us with the following address:


Add: 286 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Ha Noi

Email: contact@thucuchospital.vn

Contact for examination: 1900 55 88 92

Hotline: +84 936 388 288 | +84 936 388 288

Website: www.benhvienthucuc.vn



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