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Gentle hemorrhoid surgery package

The gentle hemorrhoid surgery package includes the A – Z categories of a hemorrhoid surgery: examination, performing tests/imaging diagnosis, surgery by the Milligan-Morgan or Ferguson method, hospital bed, care service after the surgery. Patients feel secure when going for hemorrhoid surgery without preparing for anything because all are fully provided in this hemorrhoid surgery package.

1. Make all surgeries of the hemorrhoid gentle

Hemorrhoid is a common anorectal disease. When the disease worsens, surgery is required. However, hemorrhoid surgery is an obsession for many patients. From the fear of pain to the hygiene of the incision, eating, health care after the surgery… all of these make patients anxious and worried.

Understanding this mentality, Thu Cuc TCI quickly deployed a gentle hemorrhoid surgery package. With the desire to help patients with indications for hemorrhoid surgery feel secure in treatment, closely supported and cared for like family members with a very reasonable cost.

The gentle hemorrhoid surgery package provides all the items that the patient needs to perform:

– Initial examination with the doctor to assess the status of disease, advise the appropriate surgical method.

– Carry out tests, imaging diagnosis to help assess the overall status of the health, ensure eligibility for the surgery.

– Perform hemorrhoid surgery by Milligan-Morgan or Ferguson method. These are two popular methods of hemorrhoid surgery that remove hemorrhoids quickly and accurately, and effectively prevent recurrence.

– Rest and follow after the surgery in a comfortable, clean and beautiful hospital room.

– Enjoy the regime of care like a family. Nurses clean the incision, ring the bell to be assisted immediately.

Gentle hemorrhoid surgery package

Patients feel secure when performing the treatment of a gentle hemorrhoid surgery package which is supported from A to Z.

2. List of the gentle hemorrhoid surgery package

For the full detailed list of examinations, information of the hemorrhoid surgery and the full cost of the hemorrhoid surgery, please refer to the following photo:

The gentle hemorrhoid surgery package




1Surgical examinationDetect some surgical pathologies
1Quantification of FibrinogenCheck and assess the blood clotting
2ABO Typing (paper-based)Determine the ABO blood group
3Rh(D) Typing (stone-based)Determine the Rh blood group
4Prothrombin Time (PT) by automatic machineDetect the blood clotting, pathologies related to the blood clotting.
5Thrombin Time (TT) by automatic machine
6Thromboplastin Time partially activated by automatic machine
7Complete blood count (performed by laser counter) {24TS}Detect anemia and blood diseases.
8HCV Ab quick testScreen the infection of HIV.
9HBsAg automatic immunityScreening the infection of hepatitis B
10HCV Ab quick testScreening the infection of hepatitis C
11Electrolyte chart (Na, Ca, Cl) {blood}Quantification of electrolyte (Na, Ca, Cl) in the body
12Quantification of Creatinine {blood}Evaluate the function of kidney.
13Quantification of Urea {blood}
14Quantification of Glucose {blood}Diagnose diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance.
15Quantification of total protein {blood}Evaluate the status of nutrients and liver diseases.
16Quantification of Triglyceride {blood}Quantification of lipid in the blood (evaluate the condition of lipid disorders)
17ALT blood test (GPT) {blood}Evaluate some liver diseases.
18AST blood test (GOT) {blood}
19Measurement of Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT) {blood}Evaluate the injury of liver caused by alcohol, beer and cigarette.
20Urinalysis (with automatic machine – 10 parameters)Detect some diseases in kidney and urinary system.
1Non-biopsy flexible rectal endoscopyEndoscope for diagnosing lesions, early detect the cancer (if any)
2Straight chest X-ray {straight heart and lung}Detect tumor’s abnormality in lung and rib cage.
34D color general abdominal ultrasoundCheck, assess lesions and abnormalities of organs in the abdomen such as hepatobiliary, pancreas, spleen, kidney, bladder, … Evaluate some gastrointestinal diseases.
4Common Electrocardiogram (6 rods)Detect some cardiovascular diseases. 
1Stool enema
2Perform hemorrhoid surgery by Milligan-Morgan or Ferguson method
1Common room
2Care service level 1
3Care service level 2
4Cost of staying overnight for members of a family

Total cost of the package: 25.331.000


Hemorrhoid surgery packages are only applied and performed at Thu Cuc International General Hospital – 286 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi. For detailed and specific advice on hemorrhoid surgery services, please contact the hotline 1900 55 88 92 for the best support.

3. The reasons for choosing the hemorrhoid surgery package at Thu Cuc International General Hospital

The gentle hemorrhoid surgery package is the choice of many patients because of the great benefits it brings. Satisfaction is the experience that 99.9% customers say:

– A team of good, experienced and wholehearted doctors for patients.

– Surgery in the most advanced one-way sterile operating room system.

– Using modern medical equipment that are imported from abroad such as the UK, USA, Germany…

– Professional quality of the service. A team of doctors, nurses and medical staff are always ready to support patients at any time. In many cases, patients can go for the surgery themselves and do not need their relatives to follow. 

– The package cost is extremely reasonable, saving time, effort and money.

Treat hemorrhoids quickly, proactively, effectively and safely with the gentle hemorrhoid surgery package at Thu Cuc. Call 1900 5588 92 for advice and answer to questions.


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