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General Surgery Department

General Surgery Department – one of the leading departments at Thu Cuc International General Hospital has capability of treating pathological conditions and injuries by surgical method.

1. Scope of service

The General Surgery Department at  Thu Cuc International General Hospital is able to perform hi-tech surgery and also major surgery.

1.1. Gastroenterology

– Appendectomy (open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, etc.); surgical hemorrhoidectomy with Longo technique and many other techniques; Remove polyps from colorectal area; inguinal and femoral hernia repair surgery; ileus treatment surgery.

– Surgical hemorrhoidectomy with Longo technique, painlessness and prompt recovery

1.2. Orthopaedics

Orthopaedic endoscopy of cruciate ligaments of knee joint and damaged cartilage; Osteosynthesis in broken collarbones, arm bones, forearm bones; orthopaedics of articular capsule in chronic dislocated shoulder by endoscopy; remove osteosynthesis instruments; tendon transfer for treatment of peripheral nerve palsy such as radial nerve.

1.3. Gynaecology

Emergency surgery of bleeding ectopic pregnancy; hysterectomy(open surgery or endoscopic surgery…); surgical endoscopy of ectopic pregnancy; ovarian cyst removal, removal of blocked fallopian tube, oviduct, surgery of polycystic ovary syndrome; surgical removal of cyst, appendage tumors; surgery of fibroids,…

Breakthrough in Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy, painlessness and non-surgery at Thu Cuc

1.4. Urology

Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy, mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy; retrograde transurethral nephrolithotripsy; endoscopic surgery, open surgery to remove urologic stones; Orthopaedic surgery of ureteropelvic junction; endoscopic surgery of benign prostatic hyperplasia; endoscopic surgery of cholecystectomy; peritoneal endoscopic surgery of removing urinary stones.

Image of mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy performed at one-way aseptic operating room at Thu Cuc

1.5. Oncology

Gastrectomy; surgery of soft tissue tumors, thyroid nodules, salivary glands tumors, fibrocystic breast; surgery of colectomy; surgical dissection of breast cyst; surgical removal of benign tumors of the stomach.

1.6. ENT

Adenoidectomy; tonsillectomy; removal of benign laryngeal tumors; removal of nasal polyps, etc.

2. A team of doctors

Surgeons at the General Surgery Department of Thu Cuc International General Hospital are professionally trained in the country and abroad, with many years of working experience.

Prominent doctors of the General Surgery Department includes:

2.1. PhD. MD. Meritorious Physician, Le Minh Son – Deputy Director of the hospital, Head of General Surgery Department

Doctor Le Minh Son is a specialist in the field of Gastrointestinal surgery  with more than 40-year working experience.

He is now Vice Director of Thu Cuc International General Hospital, in charge of General Surgery and Head of General Surgery Department; Former Head of Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Xanh Pon Hospital; Second Degree Specialist in Surgical Urology and Andrology.

General Surgery Department - PhD. MD. Meritorious Physician, Le Minh Son

PhD. MD. Meritorious Physician, Le Minh Son is the person with more than 40 years of working experience in the field of gastrointestinal surgery.

2.2. Pham Huy Huyen, Deputy Director of the hospital, in charge of Nephrological – Urological Surgery

Doctor Pham Huy Huyen has more than 30-year working experience in the field of surgical urology and andrology.

Formerly in charge of key personnel positions:

– Former Head of Department of Surgical Gastroenterology, Xanh Pon Hospital

– Vice-president of  Association of  Nephro Urology in the North

– Member of the Executive Committee of National Association of Urology

– General Secretary of Ha Noi Association of Nephro Urology

General Surgery Department - Doctor Pham Huy Huyen

Doctor Pham Huy Huyen – “golden hand” in lithotripsy

2.3. First Degree Specialist, Doctor Phi Van Tu – Head of the Department of Treatment, Surgeon

First Degree Specialist, Doctor Phi Van Tu is now a doctor at the General Surgery Department and Head of Inpatient Department at Thu Cuc International General Hospital.

Besides, the General Surgery Department also gathers many doctors with a lot of working experience at big public hospitals throughout the country.

Thu Cuc is also able to invite prominent doctors from central hospitals such as Bach Mai Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital, Ha Noi Heart Hospital, Ha Noi Oncology Hospital, etc. to take part in examination and surgery as requested by patients.

General Surgery Department - Doctor Phi Van Tu

Doctor Phi Van Tu loved by many patients for his attention and enthusiasm

3. Medical equipment

At present, the General Surgery Department at Thu Cuc International General Hospital is being equipped with modern medical equipment, effectively supporting safe surgical processes.

– Endoscopy machine system Karl Storz: transmitting high-definition images, helping doctors clearly see organs in the patient’s body.

– Monitor tracks vital signs of patients, helping doctors watch for patient’s health condition continuously and immediately deal with any abnormalities occurred.

– Harmonic scalpel: helping  minimize bleeding in the process of surgery, shortening surgical time with mild pain, prompt recovery after surgery.

– Modern system of scialytic lamps: good light pillar, wide luminous intensity without glare, rainbow effect, stable color temperature, effective in  the application of optics in the operating room.

– Anaesthesia ventilators by GE Healthcare: with oxygen sensor without periodic maintenance, suitable for infants and adults, good calculation of cardiac output, D Dead Space and other respiratory parameters.

– One-way aseptic operating room: being able to purify air with latest technology, helping sterilize and supplying fresh air to the operating room, making surgical procedures go smoothly in aseptic conditions.

General Surgery Department - One-way aseptic operating room

System of one-way aseptic operating room helps effective and safe surgery

4. Medical care

Patients after having surgery at the General Surgery Department – Thu Cuc International General Hospital will be attentively taken care of in the treatment ward. Clinic system is luxuriously designed, which is comfortable, clean and peaceful. With some specific surgeries such as hemorrhoidectomy, fistulotomy…..There will be nurses directly cleaning incision and providing caterings suitable for the digestive system after surgery.

Professional nursing staff is on duty round the clock. Hospital beds with bells, nurses will be present if ringing the bells.

Enjoying attentive care after surgery, round-the-clock support without annoying one’s relatives

The hospital also provides personal necessities such as clothing, toothbrush, washcloth, slipper…..therefore, patients do not have to prepare anything.

5. Supporting foreign patients

For foreign patients, our experienced interpreters always provide attentive support in the process of examination and treatment, medical  documentation, guarantee insurance payment, etc.

Foreign patients can schedule an appointment and surgery through the call center in order not to wait a long time.

Especially, about expenses, Thu Cuc Hospital currently cooperates with most insurance companies in the market on guarantee insurance cover for foreigners.


Address: No. 286 Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

Email: contact@thucuchospital.vn

Scheduling an appointment: 1900 5588 92

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