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General routine health checkup package – intensive one

General routine health checkup package – intensive one includes 47 examination lists from the basic to intensive one, bringing an effective examination supported by latest technology and a team of experienced doctors.

1. Routine health checkup is a long-term investment

It is not an exaggeration to say that early health capital accumulation is an investment that never makes “loss”. For only an examination, the doctor easily pinpoints every problem in your body.

Based on results obtained, the patient will early detect abnormalities when his/her body shows no clear symptoms. Whereby, the treatment effectiveness is enhanced and recurrence can be minimized. In addition, patients can save a lot of time for hospital treatment if they detect the illness at its early stage.

General routine health checkup package

Routine health checkup plays an important role in raising the quality of life and prolonging life expectancy

2. List for general routine health checkup – intensive package

The examination package is set up by a team of leading doctors at Thu Cuc – TCI, with a diverse examination list from the basic to advanced one, among them are the list supporting the detection of precancerous signs. With a total 47 examination lists, our esteemed customers easily understand their general health status with just one examination. Based on results obtained, doctors can evaluate the hidden risk of health, and simultaneously give suitable health advice.

The package is now applied at all 4 clinics of Thu Cuc – TCI. However, depending on different facilities and objects applied, examination list and charge applied are different from each clinic. For detailed information, customers can refer to the following:


(Applied at 286 Thuy Khue, 216 Tran Duy Hung and 32 Dai Tu)


Sexually active


Sexually inactive

1 General examination Examination of circulatory, respiratory and digestive system, nephrology and urology, nervous system and psychology and other health problems

Height and weight measurement, BMI index

× × ×  
2 General ENT examination Detect some ENT diseases × × ×  
3 Odonto-stomatologic examination Detect some odonto-stomatologic diseases × × ×  
4 Eye examination Detect some eye diseases × × ×  
5 Gynecological examination Detect some gynecological diseases × × ×  
6 Nutritional examination (1) Consult on nutrition and eating habits × × ×  
II TESTS          
1 Complete blood count (performed by laser counter) Detect anemia and blood diseases × × ×  
2 ABO typing (paper-based) Identify the blood group × × ×  
3 Rh(D) typing (stone-based) × × ×  
4 PT: Prothrombin Time (another name: TQ: Prothrombin Time by automatic machine  









Detect abnormality in hemostasis

× × ×  
5 APTT: Activated Partial Thromboplastin time (another name: TCK) by automatic machine × × ×  
6 Quantification of Fibrinogen (another name: quantification of element I) – Claus method, direct method, by automatic machine × × ×  
7 Quantification of Urea {blood} Evaluate the function of kidney × × ×  
8 Quantification of Creatinine {blood} × × ×  
9 ALT blood test (GPT) {blood} Evaluate the function of liver × × ×  
10 AST blood test (GOT) {blood} × × ×  
11     × × ×  
12 Quantification of total Bilirubin {blood} Evaluate the biliary obstruction and some liver diseases × × ×  
13 Quantification of direct Bilirubin {blood} × × ×  
14 Quantification of Glucose {blood} Early detect diabetes × × ×  
15 Quantification of HbA1c {blood} Evaluate average blood sugar level for last three months × × ×  
16 Quantification of Acid Uric {blood} Evaluate the risk of acquiring gout × × ×  
17 Quantification of total cholesterol {blood} Quantify lipid in the blood (Evaluate the status of lipid disorders) × × ×  
18 Quantification of Triglyceride {blood} × × ×  
19 Quantification of HDL-C (High density lipoprotein Cholesterol) {blood} × × ×  
20 Quantification of LDL-C (Low density lipoprotein Cholesterol) {blood} × × ×  
21 HBsAg auto immunity {HBsAg Cobas} Screening the infection of hepatitis B × × ×  
22 HBsAb quantitative Evaluate the immunity and protection of the body against hepatitis B × × ×  
23 HCV Ab quick test Screening the infection of hepatitis C × × ×  
24 HIV Ab quick test Detect the infection of HIV virus × × ×  
25 Gram staining of bacteria  


Detect bacteria, fungus and parasites



  × ×  
26 Gram staining of fungus   × ×  
27 Gram staining of Trichomonas vaginalis   × ×  
28 Cytoplasmic staining with

Papanicolaou method (cervical cells)

Screen cervical cancer   × ×  
29 Complete urinalysis Detects some diseases in the kidney and urinary system. × × ×  
1 General electrocardiograph (12 channel) Detect some cardiovascular diseases × × ×  
2 Thyroid gland ultrasound {color 4D} Detect some thyroid gland diseases × × ×  
3 Doppler echocardiography Evaluate the function, structure of the heart. Detect abnormalities in cardiac morphology and structure × × ×  
4 Abdominal ultrasound {general, male} Detect some diseases in abdominal organs (liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas) ×      
5 Abdominal ultrasound {general, female} Detect some diseases in abdominal organs (liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas)   × ×  
6 Ultrasound ovaries and uterus through vagina (Transvaginal ultrasound  

Detect abnormality in uterus and appendage

7 Plain chest radiograph (plain heart and lung) Detect some diseases in heart and lung × × ×  
8 2D Mammography Detect some diseases in breast   × ×  
9 DEXA scan (5 positions) Evaluate the bone density of the whole body to early detect osteoporosis × × ×  
10 Endoscopy of esophagus, stomach and duodenum without biopsy (softube – HP test) Endoscopy to diagnose the injury (if available) and early detect cancers × × ×  
11 Colonoscopy (soft tube – without biopsy) Endoscopy to diagnose the injury (if available) and early detect cancers × × ×  
12 Other anesthesia (technique of intravenous anesthesia with etomidate, ketamine, propofol, thiopental – stomach and colon)  








Anesthesia for endoscopy of colon and stomach



× ×
× × ×
13 Endoscopic accessories of stomach and colon with anesthesia (01 needle biopsy, oxygen glasses…)  
Package charge varies from 9,604,800 to 12,270,800  


(1)  In the list “Nutritional examination” is only applied at 286 Thuy Khue

To know the exact package charge for each clinic of Thu Cuc, please contact the call center 1900558892 for detailed consultation.

3.  Benefits gained when registering health checkup service at Thu Cuc – TCI

Registering a general routine health checkup – intensive package at Thu Cuc – TCI, our esteemed customers will be able to experience premium health care. Specifically,

– Having examinations with advanced medical equipment imported from foreign countries: automatic robot lab system, digital X-ray system with high safety, 4D color ultrasound and Narrow-Band Imaging 5P (NBI 5P).

– Gathering a team of qualified doctors with many years of working experience at big hospitals, they are ready to consult a method of health care and at the same time answer every question of parents (if available).

– TCI provides a light meal after finishing the taking of test samples.                        

– Support on-line provision of test results if required by customers.

– A team of professional health workers and receptionists are ready to support our esteemed customers in the process of examination and treatment.

General routine health checkup package

Thu Cuc TCI has established a time-saving and scientific process of examination

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