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General routine health checkup package for children aged 16 to under 18 years old – intensive one

Children aged 16 to 18 years old is the age group that needs to be paid special attention to by parents in both physical and mental health. Especially, if bad habits in the child’s life are not adjusted early, it may affect the health in their adulthood. Common health problems of the age group from 16 to 18 years old include: vision loss, stomach ulcers, obesity and emotional sensitiveness. Therefore, routine health checkup for children plays an important role, it helps parents evaluate health problems of their children, even some problems can not be detected by naked eyes.

1. Significance of routine health checkup for children

Adopting a routine health checkup package for children aged 16 to 18 years old – intensive one, parents will know the status of physical development through basic indexes such as weight, height, eyesight, respiratory and digestive system.

In addition, parents will be consulted about the method of setting up nutrient-sufficient eating regime for children, preventing illnesses or problems arising at this age group. Moreover, grasping the emotional health of children is to accompany them to overcome emotional and thinking changes in this crisis – prone age.

General routine health checkup package for children aged 16 to under 18 years old - intensive one

Children having routine health checkup will be evaluated the current health status and early detected abnormal factors

2. Diverse examination list

Grasping the importance of routine health checkup for juvenile children, Thu Cuc Medical System – TCI has designed and launched a routine health checkup package for children aged 16 to 18 years old – intensive one with a wish to accompany parents on the journey to take care of their child’s health. Detailed list of examination of the package, customers can refer to the following:


(Applied at 286 Thuy Khue, 216 Tran Duy Hung, 32 Dai Tu and 136 Nguyen Trai)

No. Service list Purpose and benefits of indications Male


I.       Clinical examination
1 General examination Examination of circulatory and digestive system, nephrology and urology, nervous system and psychology and other health problems

Height and weight measurement, BMI index

× ×
2 Eye examination Detect some eye diseases × ×
3 Odonto-stomatologic examination Detect some odonto-stomatologic diseases × ×
4 General examination (skin) Detect some skin diseases    
5 General ENT examination Detect some ENT diseases × ×
6 Surgery examination Detect some surgical pathologies ×  
7 Nutritional examination (1) Detect some nutritional diseases × ×
II Paraclinical examination      
1 Complete blood count (performed by laser counter) Detect anemia and blood diseases × ×
2 ABO typing (paper-based) Identify the blood group × ×
3 Rh(D) typing (stone-based) × ×
4 PT: Prothrombin Time (another name: TQ: Prothrombin Time by automatic machine Detect abnormality in hemostasis × ×
5 APTT: Activated Partial Thromboplastin time. (another name: TCK) by automatic machine × ×
6 Quantification of Fibrinogen (another name: quantification of element I) – Claus method, direct method, by automatic machine × ×
7 Auto immunity HBsAg (HBsAg Cobas) Screen the infection of Hepatitis B × ×
8 Auto immunity HCV Ab (Anti HCV Cobas) Screen the infection of Hepatitis C × ×
9 HIV Ab quick test Detect the infection of HIV × ×
10 HBsAb quantitative Evaluate the immunity and protection of body against Hepatitis B × ×
11 Quantification of total glucose {blood} Evaluate the nutritional status and liver diseases × ×
12 Quantification of Albumin {blood}) × ×
13 AST blood test (GOT) {blood} Evaluate the function of liver × ×
14 ALT blood test (GPT) {blood} × ×
15 Quantification of 250H Vitamin D(D3) Quantify Vitamin D in the blood × ×
16 Quantification of Fe Evaluate Fe element in the blood × ×
17 Quantification of Creatinine {blood} Evaluate the function of kidney × ×
18 Quantification of Urea {blood} × ×
19 Quantification of Glucose {blood} Detect diabetes early × ×
20 Quantification of total Bilirubin {blood} Evaluate the biliary obstruction and some liver diseases × ×
21 Quantification of direct Bilirubin {blood} × ×
22 Urinalysis (by automatic machine – 10 parameters) Detect some diseases in kidney and urinary system × ×
23 Quantification of T3 (Triiodothyronine) {blood} Evaluating the function of thyroid gland × ×
24 Quantification of FT4 (Free Thyroxine) {blood} × ×
25 Quantification of TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) × ×
III Diagnostic imaging
1 Cardiograph (6 channels) Detect some cardiovascular diseases × ×
2 Abdominal ultrasound {general, color 4D, male} Detect some diseases in abdominal organs (liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas) ×  
3 Abdominal ultrasound {general, color 4D, female} Detect some diseases in abdominal organs (liver, kidney, spleen and pancreas)   ×
4 Thyroid gland ultrasound (color 4D) Detect some diseases in thyroid gland × ×
5 Plain chest radiograph (plain heart and lung) Detect some diseases in heart and lung × ×
IV Diagnostic and interventional endoscopy      
1 Endoscopy of esophagus, stomach and duodenum without biopsy (softube – HP test) Endoscopy to diagnose the injury (if available) and early detect cancers × ×
2 Other anesthesia (technique of intravenous anesthesia with etomidate, ketamine, propofol, thiopental – stomach and colon) Anesthesia for endoscopy of colon and stomach × ×
3 Endoscopic accessories of stomach and colon with anesthesia (01 needle biopsy, oxygen glasses…) × ×
The package charge varies from 8,009,800 to 8,709,800 VND


(1) In the list “Nutritional examination” is only applied at 286 Thuy Khue

To get detailed consultation for this examination package at each clinic of Thu Cuc TCI, please contact the call center 1900 55 88 92

2. Benefits gained when registering health checkup package for juvenile at Thu Cuc – TCI

– Including an essential list, suitable for the health status and development of children aged 16 to 18 years old.

– Gathering a team of leading doctors and specialists with many years of working experience in the field of examination and treatment.

– A system of modern medical equipment can provide an accurate diagnosis, supporting the screening and treatment of illness.

– Designing the scientific process of examination and treatment helps customers save time.

– When detecting any abnormality, the clinic will coordinate a team of leading experts of different specialties to hold a consultation for a course of treatment suitable for each body’s status.

– Caring service is provided in a professional and considerate manner.

General routine health checkup package for children aged 16 to under 18 years old - intensive one

Evaluate the respiratory function with X-ray

3. Some notes when having health checkup, you should be aware of

Parents should be aware of some issues when taking their children to the clinic for general health checkup:

– Please contact the call center 1900 55 88 92 in advance to make an appointment.

– Before examination, children should not drink sugary drinks or drinks containing stimulants such as coffee and alcohol.

– Do not let children have meals before examination to ensure the most accurate test and ultrasound results.

– Notify medical staff with full information about the family and children’s health history and types of medicine children are using for facilitating the process of examination of doctors.

For detailed information about the package and other preferences, please do not hesitate to contact the call center 1900 55 88 92 for free and soonest advice.




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