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Exploring the Pain-Free Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Technique at Thu Cuc TCI

TCI Thu Cuc Healthcare System is at the forefront of implementing standard and pain-free gastrointestinal endoscopy procedures, ensuring a swift, efficient, and safe experience for patients.

1. Understanding Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

1.1 What is Gastrointestinal Endoscopy?

Gastrointestinal endoscopy is a widely utilized invasive diagnostic imaging method today. Using a flexible tube equipped with a camera and light, physicians insert it into the digestive tract, capturing real-time images displayed on a monitor.

Gastrointestinal endoscopy comprises:
– Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (esophagus – stomach – duodenum): The tube travels from the mouth through the throat, esophagus, and reaches the stomach and duodenum.

– Lower gastrointestinal endoscopy (colon – rectum): The tube moves from the anus through the rectum and colon.

Exploring the Pain-Free Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Technique at Thu Cuc TCI

Endoscopy of the stomach by the gastroenterologist

1.2 Purpose of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Gastrointestinal endoscopy serves two primary purposes:

Firstly, it aids in the diagnosis and screening of diseases:

By providing detailed observations of the digestive tract, this procedure facilitates the prompt detection of abnormalities, including various pathologies such as cancer.

Secondly, it serves for monitoring and treating diseases:

Unlike conventional diagnostic imaging methods, endoscopy not only excels in diagnosis but also allows for effective interventions in various gastrointestinal issues, such as biopsy sampling, handling bleeding lesions, extracting abnormal foreign bodies, removing polyps, tumors, and early-stage cancer treatment.

Therefore, gastrointestinal endoscopy stands as the standard approach for diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal diseases.

2. Pain-Free Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Procedure at Thu Cuc TCI

At TCI Thu Cuc Healthcare System, patients undergo pain-free and comfortable gastrointestinal endoscopy through a standardized process. The following steps ensure a smooth and safe procedure:

– Initial clinical examination with a gastroenterologist.

– Necessary tests and imaging diagnostics (blood tests, liver function, HIV, ultrasound, CT scans, etc.).

– Pre-endoscopy preparations (blood pressure measurement, height and weight assessment).

– Bowel cleansing.

– Wearing dedicated endoscopy attire.

– Stomach cleansing (foam-producing medication).

– Patient administered intravenous sedation and transferred to the endoscopy room.

– Administration of anesthesia by the gastroenterologist.

– Endoscopy of the stomach by the gastroenterologist.

– Colon and rectum endoscopy.

– Procedure completion; removal of intravenous sedation.

– Patient recovery; a minimum 30-minute rest with blood pressure monitoring.

– Discussion of endoscopy results with the physician at the initial examination room.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Technique at Thu Cuc TCI

Patients are instructed to perform the steps in the endoscopy procedure.

3. Customer Satisfaction with Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Services at Thu Cuc TCI

In addition to strictly following the endoscopy protocol, Thu Cuc TCI places significant emphasis on the quality and patient experience.

3.1 Pain-Free, Nausea-Free, and Comfortable Endoscopy

Thu Cuc TCI employs an automatic injection pump for precise anesthesia dosage, tailored to each patient based on age, gender, height, and weight. This method ensures patients sleep peacefully without nausea, pain, or discomfort. With accurately calculated sedation, the procedure is brief, and patients quickly regain consciousness without affecting their overall well-being.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Technique at Thu Cuc TCI

Employing an automatic injection pump for precise anesthesia dosage

3.2 Ultra-Clean Endoscopy to Prevent Cross-Infection

To maximize safety during gastrointestinal endoscopy, the Functional Exploration – Endoscopy Department at Thu Cuc TCI follows a super-clean endoscopy process. This includes using separate, brand-new tool sets for each patient, maintaining the hygiene of essential equipment, ensuring personal protective clothing for patients, and regularly disinfecting endoscopic equipment.

3.3 Advanced Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Techniques

Thu Cuc TCI implements cutting-edge technologies in gastrointestinal endoscopy, such as:

– MCU (Magnifying Chromoendoscopy and Endoscopic Ultrasound), combining magnifying chromoendoscopy with endoscopic ultrasound for early cancer diagnosis and treatment within a day.

– NBI 5P (Narrow-Band Imaging), using narrow-band light and high magnification to detect abnormal microvascular changes, aiding in the early diagnosis of precancerous lesions.

TCI Thu Cuc Healthcare System excels in executing pain-free gastrointestinal endoscopy, ensuring a rapid and high-quality service that has garnered trust from a vast number of patients.


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