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Doctor Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa
Specialist Level 2 Dr.

Hoa Mai Thi Nguyen

Head of Pediatrics Department at TCI Hospital (286 Thuy Khue)
Specialty: Pediatrics

Doctor Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa is a Second Degree Specialist graduated from Hanoi Medical University, majoring in Pediatrics.

She is a cheerful, enthusiastic person who is dedicated to children. Her motto is: “Examine wholeheartedly – Minimize the use of antibiotics”, for which parents can rest assured when their children come to Thu Cuc for examination and treatment.

“During nearly 30 years of examining and treating children, I have realized that the overuse of antibiotics in Vietnamese families is still common today.”, said Dr. Hoa, “The main reason is that parents are not careful when buying drugs to treat their babies at home without getting advice from a pediatrician. Young children are not just small adults, so for children’s diseases, parents should consult a pediatrician so that their children can be properly diagnosed and treated.”

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