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Department of Diagnostic Imaging

The Department of Diagnostic Imaging of Thu Cuc International Medical System is fully equipped with modern equipment, along with highly-qualified doctors, can correctly diagnose pathological conditions.

1. Modern equipment

1.1. MRI system

A MRI machine is used to scan the brain, neck, spinal column, musculoskeletal system, mammary gland and abdominopelvic cavity to detect diseases and lesions.

Advantages of the MRI machine at Thu Cuc:

– Sharper images in multi planes with clear anatomical details are acquired

– Clear images from reconstruction detect all lesions including cancer

– The MRI scan is even safe for young children and pregnant women as it is not invasive and does not involve X-rays

The MRI machine at Thu Cuc Department of Diagnostic Imaging

The MRI machine at Thu Cuc

1.2. Multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) system

A multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) machine is used to screen cardiovascular diseases, early detect cancer, diagnose pathological conditions and observe changes after cancer surgery. Currently, Thu Cuc is using a 64-128 slice MSCT machine.

The multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) machine used for diagnosis of cancers and post-surgical observations.

Advantages of the 64 – 128 slice MSCT machine at Thu Cuc:

– Providing images with the best quality and high spatial resolution

– Providing three dimensional images, helping doctors observe lesions from different angles.

– Capturing images at high speed, which helps capture moving organs such as blood vessels and heart and therefore dangerous coronary artery diseases are detected and diagnosed.

– Reducing radiography doses and radiation for patients, doctors and technicians. The 64 – 128 slice MSCT machine is safer and can be used for diagnosis in children.

MSCT machine at Department of Diagnostic Imaging

The multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) machine used for diagnosis of cancers and post-surgical observations

1.3. Gastroscopy and colonoscopy technology NBI 5P

Advanced NBI 5P technology is applied at Thu Cuc for early diagnosis of ulcer, polyp, HP bacteria and cancer. With NBI 5P, doctors can remove precancerous lesions during the endoscopy without additional surgery.

Advantages of NBI 5P endoscopy technology at Thu Cuc:

– The gastrointestinal mucosa is inspected deeply and clearly by combining narrow band imaging mode and magnifying endoscopy (up to 100 times) .

– A general anesthetic is safely and continuously injected by an automatic syringe pump during endoscopy with general anesthesia. As soon as being unconscious comfortably by an anesthesiologist, the procedure is performed and the patient will be awake after 15 minutes.

– A hygienic endoscopic procedure with disposable medical instruments and separate belongings is applied.

NBI 5P at Department of Diagnostic Imaging

NBI 5P endoscopy technology raises the diagnostic value of gastrointestinal diseases including cancer

1.4. Power Express – Laboratory automation system

Automated laboratory systems are used in tests such as: blood and urine test, pleural fluid and cerebrospinal fluid analysis and etc. Thu Cuc is one of the hospitals which are equipped with a state-of-the-art system manufactured by Beckman Coulter, U.S.A.

Advantages of Power Express system in comparison with the traditional tests system:

– Increasing the volume of handling samples up to 1200 samples per hour and reducing waiting time for medical results.

– Shortening analysing time from 60 minutes to 27 minutes

– Minimizing errors and maximizing the accuracy of test results.

1.5. 5D Color Doppler Ultrasound

5D Color Doppler Ultrasound is used as ultrasound with three-dimensional space, one dimensional time and one dimensional diagnosis. This is an equipment used in obstetrics, which helps inspect the face, nose, hands, legs and also physical activities of the human fetus thereby doctors can detect birth defects for timely treatment. Additionally, this method is also used to measure nuchal translucency, observe ovarian follicles, central nervous system and etc.

Advantages of Color Doppler Ultrasound 5D at Thu Cuc:

– Ultrasonic waves are not  blocked by bones, tissue structure or air mass

– Lively colorful images are generated instead of black and white images

– Sound signals and movements of organs on the screen are recorded with advanced probes

1.6. Bone densitometer

Thu Cuc is equipped with innovative bi-plane Bone densitometer (DEXXUM T) using X-ray

Advantages of Bone densitometer at Thu Cuc:

  • 98% Accuracy is recognised by WHO
  • Scan time is the shortest
  • Amounts of X-ray exposure are reduced, thereby it is safe for patients.
  • Operation method is simple

1.7. Radiography system

Digital radiography is used to diagnose lesions and pathological conditions on many parts of the body.

Advantages of digital radiography at Thu Cuc:

  • Rarely blurred images, a dark room is not required and reshooting is infrequent.
  • Different tissues and organs are able to be inspected on the same x-ray film.
  • Any part of an x-ray film can be zoomed in and out.
  • The side effects of an x-ray are minimized.
  • Proper clothes are provided for patients before a procedure.
Digital radiography machine at Department of Diagnostic Imaging

Digital radiography machine

Additionally, the Department of Diagnostic Imaging also has many different modern equipment, meeting medical treatment and physical examination demand.

2. A team of highly-qualified doctors

Diagnostic Imaging is a leading department at Thu Cuc with highly-qualified and experienced doctors, using advanced medical equipment in diagnostic image. Doctors make a reliable medical diagnosis and ideal treatment plan for speedy recovery of patients.

A team of prominent doctors

  • Master, Doctor Nguyen Quang Hanh – Head of Diagnostic Imaging Department: with many years of experience, Doctor Hanh has good judgment and observation of complicated illness cases.
  • Doctor Vu Quoc Dong – Radiologist with years of experience at big hospitals.
  • Doctor Trinh Hoa Binh – Radiologist with more than 30 years of experience.
  • Second Degree Specialist, Doctor Vu Dinh Sang – General sonographer, Former Head of Diagnostic Imaging Department at 198 Hospital, recognised as the most dedicated and considerate doctor of the Department.
  • First Degree Specialist, Doctor Hoang Van Tan – Former Deputy Head at the Department of Diagnostic Imaging of Phu Tho General Hospital, a Radiologist with more than 33 years of experience.

3. Professional and considerate service

The Department of Diagnostic Imaging has been highly appreciated by both local and foreign customers. Advanced medical environment is offered at Thu Cuc to bring every patient of any nationality the best medical experience. At the department, there is no discrimination between foreigners and Vietnamese.

  • Prompt appointment schedule, reducing waiting time
  • Young and professionally-trained technicians
  • Warm and caring nurses and receptionists.
  • Promptly provided medical results.
  • Hotel standard interior of hospital and consulting room: comfortable and clean
  • Guaranteed hygiene and sanitation standards with aseptic medical tools and equipment.

Additionally, Foreigners will be fully supported during the process of physical examination and medical treatment.

  • Experienced interpreters are willing to support patients.
  • Receptionists and nurses provide thoughtful guidance on document and procedure.
  • Call center staff directs patients to the hospital.
  • Doctors are friendly and considerate.
  • Well-communicated and enthusiastic staff at the hospital supports foreign patients with guarantee insurance services .

There is no barrier to getting physical examination and medical treatment for foreigners at the hospital.


Address: 286 Thuy Khue street, Tay Ho district, Ha Noi

and  216 Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay, Ha Noi

Email: contact@thucuchospital.vn

Hotline: 0902 223 864

Booking: 1900 5588 92

Working hours: 7.00 A.M to  5.00 P.M from Monday to Sunday

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