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Infrastructure of Thu Cuc International General Hospital

Being one of private hospitals, the hospital focuses on the quality of both examination and treatment and service for patients in Hanoi, Thu Cuc International General Hospital not only invests in the facilities to make patient feel comfortable when having an examination and treatment, but also applies modern methods of diagnosis and treatment in the world with a view to bringing the best treatment service to people.

Not only investing in the infrastructure, Thu Cuc hospital is also equipped with the latest medical equipment.

1. Prime location nearby Westlake

The first impression of almost all patients is a modern facility with spacious rooms. The hospital has ten-story buildings with modern design along with an elevator system facilitating easy movement of patients. Situated next to the  West Lake, the atmosphere here is really fresh and clean, which brings patients a sense of relaxation, especially for inpatients.

Luxury and modern space

2. Modern medical equipment

In pursuit of becoming the leading hospital in the country, the hospital has invested in modern and unique medical equipment in Vietnam.

In the diagnostic imaging, Thu Cuc has the following equipment: CT scanner, bone densitometer DEXXUM T, color ultrasound 4D, electrocardiograph (ECG), anesthesia for endoscopic procedures,… All of them have an international standard.

The one-way aseptic operating room is considered as the latest one at present and seldomly found in the country. This is a modern system which can sterilize and filter the air, supplying fresh air to the operating room, preventing patients from being infected during their operation and making better recovery after the procedure. All surgical instruments of the operating room are manufactured by prestigious medical equipment companies in the world.

The one-way aseptic operating room which can sterilize and filter the air, supplying fresh air to the operating room

2.1. Multislice computed tomography

Multislice computed tomography helps detect early conditions of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, properly diagnosing and evaluating the condition and pathological development, especially, after the surgery and treatment of cancer. This is one of the latest CT systems which can extend the area of diagnosis such as heart, lung, injury and diagnosis for children.

CT Scanner

2.2. Bone densitometer

X-rays bidimensional bone densitometer DEXXUM T being used at Thu Cuc hospital is recognized as a golden standard to evaluate bone density loss by the World Health Organization (WHO) ( its accuracy rate is up to 96-98%). This is a bone densitometer which uses X-rays (a small quantity of X-rays not harmful to the body and people around).

Two dimensional bone densitometer DXUMMT – a golden standard to evaluate bone density loss

2.3. The latest laboratory system at Thu Cuc International General Hospital.

In the laboratory field, Thu Cuc International General Hospital has been equipped with molecular biology laboratory system, laboratory for advanced microbiology culture and antibiogram (including Helicobacter Pylori), the system detecting Helicobacter Pylori through the breath and many other equipment help exhibit accurate results for supporting the illness  diagnosis of patients.

Patient taken a blood sample at Thu Cuc hospital

Thu Cuc Medical System invests in the latest medical equipment and technology such as MRI H2, multislice computed tomography (MSCT), latest ultrasound elastography, robotic automated laboratory testing system which is now being used at 12 leading hospitals in the U.S

Biochemistry analyzer AU480 manufactured in Germany- one of the advanced machine systems.

Samples from other departments: blood, fluid, urine, feces, pleura, cerebrospinal,… the department will carry out laboratory tests with modern equipment in a prompt and most accurate manner.

One-way aseptic operating room considered as the latest one in Viet Nam

The infrastructure and medical equipment at the general surgery department are considered as the latest one in Viet Nam, ensuring the safe and smooth operating procedure. Thu Cuc has 4 one-way aseptic operating rooms which can sterilize and filter the air to provide the operating room with fresh air. These rooms are equipped with surgical instruments from Germany and the U.S.A such as anesthesia ventilators Drager-Fabius (Germany), endoscopy Karl Storz (Germany), five parameter monitor (U.S.A), high frequency electric surgical knife 350 W, CO2 insufflator.

Investment in the infrastructure at Thu Cuc International General Hospital for no reason other than to create the medical environment of safety, friendliness and higher quality for all people.

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