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Health check for Enterprise – Protect human capital

Health check for enterprise is mandatory for all agencies and businesses. Not only helping to protect the main human resources of each enterprise, but also this activity contributes to show the proper care of the leader for employees in the company.

1. Health check for enterprise is not just a responsibility

Referring to Article 152, the Labor Code clearly stipulates: Once a year, every agency and enterprise must organize the periodical health check for employees, including apprentices and interns. In which, female employees must be examined with the list of obstetrics and gynecology specialties. 

For cases of working in conditions where there is a risk of occupational diseases, people who do heavy and hazardous jobs such as construction environment, mechanics, chemicals, etc. must have a health examination at least 6 months/time. Similarly, employees who are disabled, minors and elderly people are also entitled to examination’s benefits at least twice a year.

It not only is the responsibility of each agency and business for employees, but also the periodic health check brings many benefits.

– To the company, Health check for enterprise is a measure to statistic the health rate of all employees, assess the risk of occupational diseases, and arrange personnel suitably for each job position.

– To employees, this is both their right and an obligation that each employee needs to perform every year. Through the periodic health check, each individual can control his or her overall health, reduce the risk of occupational diseases, and save time and cost of treatment in case of illness.

Health check for Enterprise – Protect human capital

Health check for employees is mandatory for all agencies and businesses.

2. Find out the package of standard medical examination for employees

2.1. Details of the health check package for businesses

Occupational disease is understood as a arising disease from harmful working conditions. Therefore, the annual health check at enterprises is a practical activity to help early detect risks of the potential disease, thereby proactively prevent and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases in Vietnam. 

With a package of the standard medical examination clearly defined by the Ministry of Health in Circular 14/TT-BYT, employees will be able to carry out the following contents: General clinical examination, laboratory tests and pre-clinical examination. See more details below:

Health check for Enterprise – Protect human capital

Next to the standard examination package, a specific package of examination is built under the characteristics of the career, and brings a more comprehensive effect of  examination. At Thu Cuc Health System – TCI, agencies and businesses that register for the health check for employees will be supported for building a free package of medical  examination.

– Be consulted and designed by a team of business professionals to suit with the characteristics of each company/enterprise

– Provide each agency, business with the most suitable examination package in terms of needs, budget, …

–  Full list of essentials, support health check of full body for each employee who works in each specific field

Health check for Enterprise – Protect human capital

Thyroid ultrasound is an important list to help control the increasing incidence of thyroid diseases

The cost of medical examination for each business depends on the needs and characteristics of the industry of each unit. Businesses will be consulted and built by Thu Cuc TCI’s business experts with the most reasonable cost.

2.2. TCI is a reputable place of health check for businesses

Thu Cuc Health System – TCI is increasingly being “chosen to send gold” by many large  agencies and enterprises as a prestigious health check-up address for employees in the company such as: Toshiba Vietnam Company, Lotte Group, Nagakawa Group, Agribank, MB Bank, Truong Hai Automobile Joint Stock Company, etc.

With the desire to bring a true health care festival to each agency and enterprise, TCI constantly strengthens and improves service quality to meet the health care needs of employees. In particular, the expansion in area and scale partly shows that TCI is increasingly being trusted by agencies and businesses for annual health check

Businesses which come for the annual health check-up here will be arranged in a separate area, full of specialties, to help employees reduce the fear of cross-infection in the hospital. In addition, in order to minimize the incurred costs, travel time, and at the same time ensure the smooth production of enterprises, TCI supports for taking samples of tests at the company’s headquarters.

Coming to TCI, employees will be directly examined by leading specialists, accurately diagnosed with their current health status, and advised on how to promptly deal with detected cases of symptoms. With the support of modern medical equipment, TCI brings a closed process of examination and actual numbers to assess the health of the whole group. This not only helps employees know their health status, but also helps managers determine whether employees in the enterprise have full health conditions to meet the specific requirements of the job or not.

Health check for Enterprise – Protect human capital

Thu Cuc TCI is a prestigious name that is chosen by many businesses to take care of all employee’s health.

3. Businesses feel secure when examining in a safe environment at TCI

In order to provide a safe and secure experience for all customers when examining during the epidemic season, TCI always tries to tighten and maintain the “safe green zone” at all facilities. Strict measures of epidemic prevention are implemented include:

– Perform strict screening and streaming before entering the hospital

– 100% of customers when entering the hospital will have their body temperature checked, medical declaration, and quick hand sanitizer.

– 100% of customers and employees of TCI are required to wear masks

– The cleaning and disinfection work is carried out continuously 24/7

– Divide the examination team into smaller groups, ensuring a safe distance between customers.

– Have a separate area of business health check, limit the risk of disease transmission

Health check for Enterprise – Protect human capital

Streaming and screening of patients is strictly conducted from the outside

Health check for Enterprise – Protect human capital

100% people make a medical declaration before entering the hospital

Health check for Enterprise – Protect human capital

Medical staff take temperature of customers

Health check for Enterprise – Protect human capital

100% doctors and nurses wear masks when examining with patients

Along with the expansion of space and improvement of service quality, TCI confidently undertakes health care for employees. Register now to receive detailed advice on costs and examination packages!



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