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Doctor Trinh Van Thinh
Specialist doctor level I

Trinh Van Thinh

Specialty: Internal medicine - Inpatient department

Professional activities of doctor Trinh Van Thinh

Doctor Trinh Van Thinh graduated with excellence from Hanoi Medical University with the specialty level I of internal medicine. He is now an internist in the Respiratory Infections Treatment Center at Thu Cuc International General Hospital.

Doctor Thinh has had many years of working experience in examining and treating pathologies of internal medicine at many hospitals such as the department of endocrinology and internal medicine, Hung Ha General Hospital, the department of neurology – National Geriatric Hospital.

With the practicing license of general medical examination and treatment, doctor Thinh can perform examination and treatment of pathological conditions of internal medicine for different specialties.

Doctor Thinh is now working at the Respiratory Infections Center at Thu Cuc International General Hospital, examining and treating patients with respiratory problems and internal medicine, suspecting Covid-19 infection to early detect and treat it effectively. He is a reliable support for many patients at Thu Cuc.

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