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Doctor Nguyen Thi Nhiem
Specialist doctor level II

Nguyen Thi Nhiem

Specialty: Outpatient Department

Doctor Nguyen Thi Nhiem graduated as a specialist doctor level II – Specialization in Tuberculosis at Hanoi Medical University
With more than 32 years of experience in examining and treating Internal Medicine – Tuberculosis, Doctor Nguyen Thi Nhiem used to hold the position of Head of the Department of Medical Examination for many years at 71 Central Hospital (Thanh Hoa), Hospital Thanh Ha General Hospital (Thanh Hoa).
Dr. Nhiem is not only professional and experienced, but also very friendly and understanding of patients’ psychology. Every time a patient visits with Dr. Nhiem, she is not only properly diagnosed with the disease and has an effective treatment method, but also shares her thoughts and advices to improve customers’ health.

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