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Doctor Nguyen Thi Nhan
Specialist doctor level I

Nguyen Thi Nhan

Specialty: Medical Laboratory

Specialist doctor level I Nguyen Thi Nhan – a doctor working at the department of laboratory – Thu Cuc International General Hospital.

1. Working process

– Specialist doctor level I Nguyen Thi Nhan graduated from Hanoi Medical University and the specialty level I of hematology and blood transfusion.

– She has ever worked for the Center of Rehabilitation and Occupational Diseases – Hospital of transport and communications and also worked for this hospital for many years.

– Doctor Nhan has worked many years in the field of laboratory at many prestigious medical units and hospitals in the country.

2. Personality traits

Doctor Nhan is enthusiastic, funny and friendly with patients. Beside her professional knowledge and expertise, she is always a friend and good companion of many doctors and patients at Thu Cuc Medical System.

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