Doctor Nguyen Thi Hang - Head of Infection Control Department
Master and Doctor

Nguyen Thi Hang

Head of Infection Control Department
Specialty: Department of Infection Control

Doctor Nguyen Thi Hang graduated from Hanoi Medical University with the degree of medical master. Doctor Hang has ever held many key positions such as:
– Head of infection control department – Hospital of transport and communications.
– Head of general planning department, deputy-director in charge of treatment – Tu Liem Health Center
With more than 35 years of working experience in the medical field, doctor Hang has an in-depth professional knowledge. She has ever dealt with complex cases which seem to be uncurable. And this is highly appreciated by her colleagues and patients.
Beside her high responsibility and dedication to work, Doctor Hang is also very funny and gentle. She understands patients’ feelings to relieve their anxiety in the process of treatment to provide them with the best treatment effectiveness.

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