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Doctor Bach Van Doan
Master and Doctor

Bach Van Doan

Specialty: Emergency & ICU

Doctor Bach Van Doan graduated from the Military Medical University with the title of general practitioner and from Hanoi Medical University with the tittle of master of internal medicine.
Doctor Doan has ever worked for the cardiology department – Thanh Nhan hospital. With more than 10 years of examination and treatment of internal diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. He has successfully examined and treated many patients.
In addition to the license of medical examination and treatment in the specialty of internal medicine granted by Hanoi department of health, doctor Doan actively studies and finishes many other courses such as:

– Certificate in echocardiography granted by Hanoi Heart Hospital.

– Certificate in abdominal ultrasound granted by Hanoi Medical University Hospital.

– Certificate in vascular ultrasound granted by Bach Mai Hospital

– Certificate in cardiac intervention granted by Hanoi Heart Hospital.
With his wisdom, considerateness and high responsibility, doctor Doan is trusted and loved by patients at Thu Cuc. He is now directly examining and treating patients in the screening area of Thu Cuc International General Hospital.

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